Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quote of the Day - Journal Sentinal Edition

From the Journal Sentinal editorial board that twice endorsed Scott Walker for Governor:

And, of course, there's Act 10. Walker will never budge from his rock-solid support for this law, but he erred by taking such a radical step when a prudent governor would have taken a reasonable step. Act 10 wasn't necessary. It was a particular brand of political overkill designed to make public employee unions less of a factor in state politics. Walker had other options; he didn't have to drop a nuclear bomb on the unions and ignite a polarizing firestorm in the state. Labor costs were a problem, as we've long acknowledged. But other states took less extreme steps and got control of their finances. That Walker chose to do what he did speaks volumes about both his politics and his policy judgment. Act 10 was a mistake.


  1. Act 10 is a mistake. Unfortunately, it hasn't gone away.

  2. Scott Walker is a mistake. That mistake needs to be corrected on Nov 4th.

  3. The Journal Sentinel editorial amounts to an unstated skin-back of its original editorial support for Act 10. The editors have figured out they, like many citizens, were had by Walker assertions that the measure was only prompted by the need to fix the budget. Never minding contemporaneous offers from the unions to voluntarily accept contract reductions. But their salaries and benefits weren't even factors in the budget shortfall, which was way overstated since it included agency budget increase requests the governor and legislature almost never accept, no matter who they are.

  4. I would love to see the J-S endorse Mary Burke. They've been publishing an increasing number of articles critical of Walker. Maybe their editorial board is waking up from their three year nap.

  5. As Bruce Willis would say "Welcome to the party, pal!"

    Seriously, these guys have known for 10 years that Walker leaves nothing but failure and screw-ups in his wake, and NOW they're noticing it?

    BS! The J-S is just realizing that they've thrown their integrity down the drain through being the mouthpiece for corporates at the MMAC and ignoring what was obvious to anyone else. And this halfhearted garbage doesn't come close to unwinding the damage they have caused through covering for their boy Scotty.

    Endorse Burke, and do it with gusto. Then and only then would I believe the J-S is actually trying to tell it like it is. I bet they don't have the guts

  6. In my 2012 Assembly primary race against city alderman Jim Brey said, "Act 10 was good for the City of Manitowoc".
    With Dems like that who needs Republicans?

  7. Walker had other options; he didn't have to drop a nuclear bomb on the unions and ignite a polarizing firestorm in the state.

    If the Urinal Sentinel was really interested in reporting they should have asked the very important people who bought Walker the governorship.

    I think the dollar weighted donor opinion would be that Act 10 didn't go nearly far enough in rooting out the demmies and commies. Hell Urinal Sentinel, just ask the question to that rich woman Diane what's her name.

    Act 10 was no accidental firestorm mistake. I'm pretty sure that the people financing Scott Walker tend to be serial political arsonists.

  8. All in all it is comforting to see J/S not applauding everything Walker does as they have done for the past 4 years. It is especially nice to see this come out before the election. Let's hope they keep on keeping on!

  9. When push comes to shove they will endorse him again. The pretext will be that he governed through a deep recession and deserved four more years to let his agenda play out. The J-S knows on which side it's bread is buttered. They will not in the end defy King Scottie.

  10. I have much disrespect for the print media. My local paper prints a conservative opinion page and its editor claims no bias in news reporting. He tells that whopper in his Sunday editorial. Anyone with a lick of common sense knows he is employed by a business enterprise with the sole purpose of making a profit for its wealthy, conservative owners who do not live in my city...or county. He carries their water and the conservative agenda. The newspaper looses readership every day thank goodness. The print media is a dinosaur and extinction is its fate. I feel sorry for the employees but the profiteers and propagandist who run the show can go to hell.

  11. Maybe it's late, maybe I'm feeling too cynical. The money has moved in from the NRA to Christie's PAC. Mary is the most formidable person we could have pitted against Walker, but Walker never breaks a sweat. He knows that lying and cheating on his behalf will send his "annointed one" ass back into the governorship. Honestly, how the hell can you fight back?

    1. You're feeling too cynical. That's desperation you're seeing from the Walker folks. And bringing in Christie? The crook who's gotten New Jersey downgraded SEVEN TIMES through his mismanagement? That'll be as effective as Walker standing in a ditch.

      If that Marquette poll wasn't overloaded with Republicans, making Burke up 5 points, you'd be singing a different tune.

  12. I truly hope you're right, Jake. I'm not too far down to think that we should just hand Walker the election. Leads within the margin of error are also deceptive. Unfortunately, I've seen more of the "Walker is pulling ahead slightly" types of stories than the same about when Burke was "pulling ahead" among likely voters. Anyway, the point is taken. You have cheered me up a bit at a moment I felt like defeating Walker was a lost cause. Thanks.