Sunday, September 21, 2014

Scott Walker Planned to Fail

By Jeff Simpson

I had an old sales manager that used to always say "If you fail to plan you plan to fail.".   Which was the first thing I thought of this morning when I read Dee Hall's story in the Wisconsin State Journal(emphasis mine).

Three state agencies charged with implementing voter ID for the Nov. 4 election say they have no additional money set aside to help voters and state workers comply with the newly reinstated requirement.
But municipal clerks in Wisconsin’s two largest cities say they will spend thousands of dollars and hire hundreds of poll workers in the next few weeks to ensure that voters have the proper government-issued photo identification when casting their ballots.
Spokesmen for the three state agencies — the Government Accountability Board, the Division of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Health Services — all say they are using existing staff and resources to handle the demand.
In addition, the accountability board says it has no money for a public information or outreach campaign to ensure voters are aware of the requirement. GAB spokesman Reid Magney said the Legislature’s Joint Finance Committee has asked the agency to develop a budget request by Sept. 30, which it will consider at its quarterly meeting sometime after that.
Gov. Scott Walker’s spokeswoman, Laurel Patrick, said the state — which fought a long legal battle to have the stalled requirement put back into force — has no estimate of how much it will cost to implement voter ID.

Despite the fact that the original Voter ID bill was held up on court, the republicans in Wisconsin kept trying desperately to pass something that held Constitutional muster.    It was such an important issue, one could argue THE most important issue to Scott Walker that he was considering holding a special session to pass a Voter ID law**.   

So to clarify, this is the single issue that Scott Walker and the republican party of Wisconsin feel is the most important issue to the people of WI.   Scott Walker then hit his goal when the Voter ID law was implemented by a very very friendly judge with a questionable past

The problem is now his lack of governing abilities was exposed once again.   His most important issue gets fully implemented as he wished and we have no idea costs, benefits, information, or any idea what this law will truly bring.  

Its almost as if Scott Walker planned to fail.    
** Luckily for the state of Wisconsin, the republicans in the State legislature are adverse to actually workin, so no such special session was called.   


  1. It seems like most of Walkers plans are intentionally set to fail, especially his budget plans. When his budget plans fail he will stick to his no tax increase pledge but then cut services, cut employee wages and benefits, lay off public employees in favor of privatization (to campaign contributors) to low wage workers.

    When he privatized the cleaning in the Milwaukee County Courthouse the new private cleaning company was not even cleaning as much of the building as the County employees had been. Judges and their court staff actually had to clean their own court rooms.

  2. Spot on. He also has planned for his budget to fail and run a deficit. If elected he will then have license to stick it to public schools and public employees. I fear he will do this by self insuring state employees with a plan that offers crap for coverage and high deductibles. He will then cut school and municipal funding and tell the schools and municipalities that they can recoup their losses by joining the states self insurance fund. Still strapped for revenue he will attempt to raid the Employee Trust Fund using his legislative majority to spring a midnight raid! Even should he lose the election he will have placed Burke in the position of trying to run government with a huge deficit and dwindling revenues and Walker will laugh all the way to his new job at the Heritage Foundation or with Club for Growth.

    1. Early analyses of the Walker Care self insurance scheme have predicted it will have devastating effects on HMOs and health care in general across Wisconsin. The economic collateral damage of Walker's first term actions against public employees is there for all to see. What happens next will be far worse.

  3. Funny that you accuse seniors and blacks as too stupid to get ID's.

    1. feel free to tell me where in the post that i did that