Thursday, September 4, 2014

Jamey Francis Fits Right In

By Jeff Simpson

Our friends at Mal contends seem surprised that local politician Jamey Francis who is running as a republican for the local state assembly seat has absolutely nothing to say about Scott Walker selling off Francis' district for $700,000

Meet Jamey Francis, the GOP nominee for the 74th assembly district in northern Wisconsin and alderman for the City of Hurley in Iron County, who thinks obliterating the pristine region of incredible natural beauty is a "game changer" to be pursued in the name of "economic development."

Now-a-days, Francis is silent about the proposed GTac mine, omitting mention of the GTac mine on his campaign site, and listing vague platitudes instead as his "priorities."

Jamey Francis is silent about alot of things, like his resume for instance.   Seems Francis forgot to add something important to it

Jamey Francis -- a legislative candidate from northern Wisconsin -- says he wishes he could just forget his 2006 theft conviction.
"It's nothing I'm proud about," said Francis, a Hurley Republican who is running against Democratic candidate Beth Meyers to represent the 74th District in the state Assembly. Rep. Janet Bewley, an Ashland Democrat who currently holds the seat, is running for an open Senate seat.
But Francis -- the Iron County Republican Party chairman -- acknowledges the facts of the case.
In 2005, he was charged with a felony count of using a woman's Visa check card to make a handful of purchases, including to pay a $385 electric bill in June 2005 and to buy a $60  Boston Store gift card a month earlier.

 Who did Jamey Francis steal from?

He said he was a student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee at the time, struggling to make ends meet when he became a network marketing salesman hawking long-distance and voicemail services for larger providers.
A co-worker turned up a phone service application from an elementary school teacher that included a Visa account number on it. Along with paying the electric bill and buying the Boston Store gift card, Francis used the card to purchase two voicemail accounts so it would look like he was making sales.
 What is Francis doing now?  

 Francis, who now works with his father in a wholesale clothing business, said he believes the voters will forgive him for making this mistake nearly a decade ago.
Lets recap.  

Republican candidate, has no qualms with Scott Walker selling off his backyard, steals from a teacher and now to make ends meet needs to lean on daddy.  

Francis will fit right in on the right side of the Assembly! 

However if the people of the 74th district want to have a real ethical honest representative in Madison then vote Beth Meyers


  1. Ashland County residentSeptember 4, 2014 at 1:03 PM

    The word here in Ashland County is that GTAC mine is not going to happen. They are folding shop and pulling out. Facebook postings from those in the know are saying it is true. More to follow.

    1. walker probably asked for more money, LOL

  2. how can he run for office if he has a felony?

  3. Can he vote? Has he voted in the past illegally?

    1. Since he is 'white' the charges were reduced to a misdemeanor, so yes he can vote and run for office. It's my understanding that the power structure in Hurley and Iron County is extremely corrupt, so he fits right in.

  4. Not that it matters to me but just curious why is there a restraining order on Beth Meyers on CCAP and also there was a judgment from Northland College against her?