Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Freedom for Scotland

Tomorrow is a huge day for the Scottish people. They'll be going to vote on breaking away from the UK and becoming its own independent nation. They've had enough of the incredibly conservative British parliament and they want control Scotland with their own progressive ideals. If the YES side wins, it could have great implications for Northern Ireland and other nations looking for freedom.

Keep up with the news tomorrow.


  1. I must say, I am rather surprised to see rah-rahing of the breaking of Scottish union with England on the same blog that decried the movement within the Wisconsin GOP to consider secession as an option earlier this year.

    I hope you realize that Scottish Conservative MP's are rarer than hens' teeth: one major implication of independence would be that the Conservative party would have a majority of their own in Westminster with no need for coalition partners. 90% of the current UK's population would be rather firmly under Conservative rule.

    There are of course plenty of minuses to independence: EU non-membership; the issue of currency; how to attract and keep investment in the light of the political and currency upheaval there would be; and dealing with the myriad other details of independence that haven't been thrashed out beforehand. On the plus side there would be the ability to solve Scottish problems and chart a future in a purely Scottish way.

    Put the Braveheart DVD back in its box and let the people of Scotland weigh this question for themselves. I know I am.

    - A Brit.

    P.S. Do not presume to tell us about how Northern Ireland is "looking for freedom" unless you've been bombed on and off for decades by those who refused to respect the majority's wishes there. I know I have.

    1. But thanks for the reply! I'm glad you took a minute from oppressing someone to read my little paragraph.

  2. Considering my family immigrated here from Northern Ireland, and are Catholic, you've got no idea what this means to those of us who appreciate freedom.

  3. So the Brit who is happy for the Scottish to work their self-determination out is the oppressor? Perhaps I have no idea what it means for "you who appreciate freedom" because you're unwilling to share any details with anyone, but one must presume you're light on those because you've never actually lived in the UK.

    You seem decidedly uninterested in the fate of the inhabitants of England and Wales since you failed to address my point regarding the political implications of Scottish independence for the rest of the UK. If you want to demonstrate progressive thought effectively, don't restrict it to just those people in areas you have an attachment to. It might also help to rein in your anti-British bigotry.

    - A Brit

  4. Crazy, ignorant post. Study the issue a little and you'll learn Scots receive higher per capita social spending, the SNP is prepared to implement race to the bottom legislation (which this blog strongly derides when Walker proposes it), and the Yes campaign tactics have been thuggish and bullying not unlike Tea Party muffling of dissent. But hey, your family immigrated and all that so you're what, exempt from wisdom and grace?

  5. The British have been oppressors for hundreds of years. Go back to sucking the monarchy teat.