Thursday, September 18, 2014

The First Rule Of GOP Club

Last week, Jeff Simpson reported about the anti-gay slurs tweeted by Jacob Dorsey, a Republican candidate for the State Assembly.

It turns out that this jerk wasn't just homophobic, but a full-fledged racist as well.

The only thing that surprises is that no one found him making misogynistic and sexist remarks as well.

Anyway, it got to be too much for WISGOP leaders and they forced him out of the race, even though that it will lock the seat for Deb Kolste, the Democratic incumbent:
The Republican candidate who apologized last week for a “hurtful" Twitter comment about gays admitted Tuesday he had posted other derogatory comments and dropped out of the 44th Assembly District race.

When asked Tuesday about newly discovered comments on social media, Jacob Dorsey told The Gazette he was ending his campaign against Rep. Deb Kolste, D-Janesville.

Dorsey's name, however, will remain on the ballot for the Nov. 4 election.

Last week, the 19-year-old Dorsey apologized for a comment about gays he admitted was “hurtful" and had posted in December on Twitter.

Tuesday, he acknowledged other inappropriate posts to social media sites.

In comments made on various YouTube videos, Dorsey used derogatory terms in reference to blacks and homosexuals.

He also used a vulgarity as a verb ahead of Abraham Lincoln, the nation's first Republican president.

His YouTube comments were made between a year and two years ago, well before he entered the Assembly race in May.

Dorsey said Tuesday he regrets the comments made by a child he no longer considers himself to be.

“I have decided to withdraw from the race due to insensitive remarks that have surfaced from years past,” Dorsey said in a statement to The Gazette. “This race has been extremely hard on my family and myself.”
Keep in mind that the Teapublicans weren't upset by what Dorsey said. They are just upset that he got caught saying it.

It's much like the way they were OK with Bill Kramer sexually assaulting and harassing women until it became public knowledge.

How can I say that the Teapublicans weren't upset by Dorsey or Kramer?  Easy. Just look at their own behaviors.

The fact that the Teapublicans look at the LGBT community as second class citizens is evident by the way they are fighting tooth and nail to keep their ban on same-sex marriages.  Trying to deny a whole group of people the same rights that you enjoy is just plain hateful.

Racism is prevalent in Fitzwalkerstan, as shown by the Jim Crow Laws, the plantation economic policies and the racist comments that keep coming from that group, ranging from Jason Thompson, son of TOMMY!! to Scott Walker's campaign to the race baiting from squawk radio.

Likewise, these teahadists also show their sexism and misogyny with their perpetuation of the rape culture, sexist comments and laws weakening women's rights and equal pay.

So Dorsey's crime obviously wasn't being a homophobic, racist jerk.  That's just par for the course for the WISGOP.

Dorsey's crime was violating the first rule of the GOP Club - he openly spoke about his racism and bigotry.


  1. Kolste won by 23 points in 2012, so this reeks more of damage control than any principled sacrifice by the GOP.

    Of course, if all GOPers who had made "insensitive remarks that have surfaced from years past" were made to quit, Walker wouldn't have a campaign staff.

  2. This guy deserves everything that happens to him. All of the remarks that are coming out are truly disgraceful.

  3. The problem is he put this on social media. Had he saved it for internal emails, they would have blended right in with t he rest of the walkerdocs and everyone could have had a good laugh

  4. At least he gone.

    that's one !

  5. Just an FYI you cannot actually drop out.
    Once you qualify for the ballot you are on it... no take backs!
    You can make and announcement that you have ceased to campaign and even endorse someone else but his name will be on the ballot even if he DIES!

  6. Besides "f*** Abraham Lincoln," another one of Jacob's YouTube comments was "we need another civil war." Reminds me of a few months ago when the WisGOP convention actually intended to consider the state's right of secession. When brought out, WisGOP quickly denied it, under public and even mass media scrutiny, then trying to make a joke of the whole incident.

    This is how extreme and out of step with reality they are. Teapublicans even know that their optimal reality is considered by most to be an ugly and inhuman place, which is why they have to disassociate with the values they try so hard to keep private.

  7. He was too young and made the mistake of thinking that the way republicans talk to each other is how everyone talks to each other. Hence, putting it out there on social media. After he's been seasoned a little more, he'll realize that you keep the racist and misogynist stuff on the plantation, er, only amongst the repugs.