Monday, September 22, 2014

Plagiarism - IOOKIARDI

Scott Walker and his army of propagandists are trying to make hay with the non-story of Mary Burke's alleged plagiarism, feeding their lines to Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel to regurgitate.

It should come as no surprise that Walker is pegging the hypocrisy meter with his flailing.

WisDemocurmudgeon cites the example that Walker's whole "Come Back" campaign theme was lifted from Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.

Zach Wisniewski reminds us of the time that Walker tried to take credit for jobs created by Governor Jim Doyle.

But there are two more examples of Walker stealing others' ideas without giving credit.

Remember Walker's inane and laughable "brown bag" campaign stunt?

Yup, he lifted that one too:
The AP did some real journalism and found that Scott Walker's Brown Bag Movement isn't an original idea. In fact, Mr. Frugality spent some $336,000 dollars for these recycled bags:
Both Walker and Voinovich's fundraising letters, signed by the candidates' wives and mailed in a brown bag, were devised by the same New Hampshire-based direct mail consulting firm, SCM Associates. Voinovich's brown bag letter, used in his first race for U.S. Senate in 1998, netted SCM an American Association of Political Consultants' Pollie Award that year for best campaign fundraiser.
SCM isn't running from the fact that it came up with both campaigns. It even bragged about it on its Facebook page in a Feb. 26 posting: "Brown bag movement takes off in Wisconsin. Our client, Scott Walker, running for Governor starts a movement based on an SCM Associates mailing. But Walker is the real deal, he brown bags two ham and cheese sandwiches on wheat every day."
And when called out on it, Team Walker did what they are best at - they lied:
Staying true to their nature, Team Walker then tries to spin their way out of this by doing what they do best - lying:
Walker campaign spokeswoman Jill Bader said the brown bag theme idea for Walker didn't come from SCM but was devised during a brainstorming session with campaign staff in Wisconsin. Bader said when the campaign discussed its ideas with direct mailer SCM, the firm mentioned it had done a similar ad for Voinovich.
She said the campaign was looking for ways to express to voters how fiscally conservative Walker is and settled on the brown bag image.
"It touched people because it was incredibly genuine," she said. "Scott is the person who he says he is."
And even that wasn't the only example.

From the same article, I noted that Walker's theme of "I believe in Scott Walker" was lifted as well:
It tuns out that his "I believe in Scott Walker" meme was a remake of Mayor John Norquist's "I believe in Milwaukee" campaign:
In the wake of the new TV ad from Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker, with a mantra of "I believe in Milwaukee," a longtime political observer notes the ad picks up a theme used in past local political campaigns, including the 2000 re-election campaign of then-Mayor John O. Norquist.
That race, in which Norquist won a fourth term over downtown businessman George Watts, included a "We believe in Milwaukee" theme in TV ads and campaign literature.
What makes this example even more outrageous is that the "real people" they used in it were paid actors.

But the fact that this ad was stolen shouldn't come as too much of a surprise. His campaign manager then was Tim Russell, who has a history of stealing - with Walker's blessing.

In summary, this whole plagiarism malarkey is another example of IOOKIARDI - It's Only OK If A Republican Does It.


  1. Scott Walker and "Brainstorming" Should NOT Appear in the same story !

  2. The Koch brothers, Americans for Prosperity and mine owners have spoon fed Walker pretty written legislation for years and Wisconsin has suffered from it. If this is all the have on Mary Burke, the a re really nervous.

  3. n summary, this whole plagiarism malarkey is another example of IOOKIARDI - It's Only OK If A Republican Does It. Also known as the Van Hollen Principal.

  4. Sorry for the plagiarism. I forgot to put quotation marks around the cut and paste.

  5. We still don't know what got Walker thrown out of Marquette. Could it have been plagiarism?

  6. Oh Scott. Plagiarism is a euphemism for what you and a couple of your tea party comrades are up to. **cough (ALEC), cough (Gogebic), cough** If you want to criticize Burke here, maybe bring up the fact that you were able to solicit far greater campaign donations from those that you "plagiarized" from.