Monday, September 8, 2014

We Need A Mulligan

By Jeff Simpson

Seriously, can we just declared republican rule and giving Scott Walker the keys to our state as a miserably failed experiment and start over by kicking them all out of office in November?

Madison — The expected shortfall for the next two-year state budget now stands at nearly $1.8 billion, or about half of what it was when Gov. Scott Walker took office in January 2011.
The Republican governor resolved a more than $3 billion budget shortfall in the months after taking office, but the latest projections show a gap once again opening in the 2015-'17 budget because of tax cuts enacted by Walker and lawmakers and lagging growth in other state taxes.
The latest estimates by the Legislature's non-partisan budget office jumped by more than $1.1 billion over the previous estimate of a $642 million gap released in May. The projections from the Legislative Fiscal Bureau were released Monday for the budget beginning in July 2015 and ending in June 2017.
These projections aren't final — they could still get better or worse depending on the whims of the global economy. But any weakness in the coming budget will make it harder for state leaders to increase spending on priorities such as schools or cut taxes further for state residents.
"With all the bad economic news working families have dealt with, Gov. Walker's structural deficit is yet another reminder that Wisconsin is heading in the wrong direction," said state Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse), a member of the Legislature's Joint Finance Committee. "This budget crisis was completely avoidable and will only get worse if we don't act now to balance our budget and grow our economy from the bottom up."
I know Scott Walker has broken all of his promises, but did anyone believe him anyway?  

Let's put this era in WIsconsin politics behind us the way we put the Sal Bando Brewer GM years and Bart Starr/Forest Gregg Packers head coaching years behind us in this state.   

Hire professionals, move on and never speak of them again!  


  1. Exactly FIRE THEM ALL.

    And the J-S still tries to cover for Scotty, repeating the lie about a $3 billion deficit in 2011-13. That was based on an unrealistic wish list for every agency, with the "real " number being around $2.5 billion. And then the $1 billion in upside revenues that happened due to the Obama recovery and strong growth in the Doyle/Dem
    year of 2010
    meant that the amount to be closed ended up around $1.5 billion- less than what we have now.

    So is it "working", righties? Please explain how, and use non right-wing BS sources and surveys

  2. Mr. Walker's legacy goes down like a slow swirl in a touchless toilet.