Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Walker Agenda Is Still Working! Part CCXXXIV

While Scott Walker and friends are jumping up and down, pointing at Mary Burke and screaming, "Plagiarism!", the state continues to hemorrhage jobs and a sickening rate:
About 60 percent of the workforce at Milwaukee's Shelter Mortgage Co. will be laid off in November, following the company's acquisition earlier this month, according to a letter filed with the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development Tuesday.

Shelter was a subsidiary of Brown Deer-based Guaranty Bank until January 2013, when Guaranty sold its Shelter Mortgage division to a Chicago private equity group in a move designed to free up capital. New Plymouth, Pa.-based national mortgage lender New Penn Financial LLC acquired Shelter for an undisclosed sum in early September.

Almost one month since Shelter's later acquisition, a letter Tuesday said 63 employees will lose their jobs over a 90-day period starting Nov. 30. Shelter employs about 100, a New Penn spokesman told the Milwaukee Business Journal earlier this month.
At this point, people are wishing Scott Walker stole someone else's job plan besides ALEC's, because it sure as hell isn't working.


  1. Yup..................it's working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Merry Christmas. Hope the greedy bastards of that private equity group enjoy their newly freed capital. Maybe the yacht brokers will be happy.

  3. Business closings and mass layoffs by law have to be reported to the state. WEDC's Department of Workforce Development website gives yearly records in Excel files on these matters. The 2014 (reporting only through late September) file has by far the largest contents of all of Walker's years since 2011.
    See http://worknet.wisconsin.gov/worknet/downloads.aspx?menuselection=da&pgm=pcml

  4. Yes, and Kmart is closing in Janesville. The hits just keep on coming...

  5. Scott Walker sold Wisconsin's economic recovery and prosperity for his personal political gain. He is a career politician with an eye on the next higher office. His political strategy is to point at Mary Burke and scream "FIRE" to divert our attention from the smoldering wreckage formerly known as Wisconsin's economy. We can no longer afford Scott Walker.

  6. It is now becoming clear why Walker wants everyone in need to pee in a cup. He declares that this is a necessary work skill that everyone should possess to get a job in Wisconsin. He's either going to count all this pissing as job training or he's going to count each cupful as a job filled. Hell in no time he's going to have those jobs and job training numbers going through the roof! What a legacy....Gov. Scott [piss in the cup] Walker says: " THE TRUE MEASURE OF A MAN IS HOW HE TREATS SOMEONE WHO CAN DO HIM ABSOLUTELY NO GOOD." Opps...........Samuel Johnson said that.......PLAGIARISM..........Damn that sounded so profound coming from me... I mean Sam.