Friday, September 26, 2014

Ghostwriters In The Sky

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By Jeff Simpson

Just because no one bought the book, and there were not many actual events in it, does not mean it didnt happen.  Even if the publisher wishes they had $350,000 back. 

Scott Walker who had this to say about Mary Burke hiring a consultant to write policy for her:

Gov. Scott Walker said Monday it was "very disappointing" that Democrat Mary Burke's campaign was again dealing with charges that it lifted passages from others and used them in key policy documents.
The same Scott Walker who hired a ghostwriter to write his own AUTOBIOGRAPHY.   I get that Mr. Walker is not the sharpest tool in the shed and probably does not have writing a book in him, but then he should not take credit for writing it(emphasis mine).

LARRY KUDLOW: This, too, is a Jack Kemp message. Kemp was a mentor of mine. This, too, is a Reagan message. Would you go down that route?
GOV. SCOTT WALKER: He’s absolutely right. I– I write a chapter about it at the tail end. If you haven’t gotten to the end yet, you should read it, because that– that’s exactly what we talk about. That– that middle-of-the-road center voters don’t just want us to move back and forth on issues. They wanna see that we’re compassionate about all people. It’s part of the message that– not just in the presidential election but in state and local elections–



  1. Seeing the Kudlow interview, neither he or Walker mention Thiessen at all, yet SKW says of the book "...’cause as I write in the book, time and time again, the reason to be optimistic if you’re a Republican..."

    In reading the recent "Continuing Wisconsin's Comeback: Scott Walker's Plan for Greater Prosperity for All," it gives no indication anywhere about which person or persons actually wrote it. "Scott Walker's Plan" also wants now to "Require a drug test for those requesting unemployment and able-bodied, working-age adults requesting Food Stamps from the state." This has no attribution or footnote attached to it, though the idea was used in Florida before, where the controversial measure did not work out at all. Maybe Florida got it's bad idea from Scott Walker.

    In looking at the title, and using SKW's own standard he applies to Burke, are we supposed to assume that Walker wrote the Plan himself? Given his scholastic experience at Marquette, I seriously doubt it. It was ghostwritten -- and paid for by the Friends of Scott Walker.

    1. I haven't seen this publication yet. What sized font was it in? ;-)

  2. Much ado about nothing.

    Plagiarized from Shakespeare.

  3. Uhm...didn't mary Burkes policy sort of ...copy stuff he already wrote for other democratic canditates? is it possible to plagerise your own stuff?

  4. should read "policy guy"