Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walker Fights To Retain Support From His Own Party

Dominque Paul Noth has a must read article that show the extremes Team Walker is willing to go to try to preserve the false impression that things are good and he still has support of most of his own party, when facts are belying that claim. Here's a taste to whet your appetite:
The power of campaign money and the naiveté of facile analysis have led even political science profs at major universities to note how few established Republicans have signed the recalls, leading to the bizarre claim that 90% of the GOP is standing by their man. Try 60% in actuality but who can blame them all for staying quiet except in private talks? There is such a thing as political self-preservation, which the professors would have to step out of the ivory tower to see.

There are many reasons people don’t sign recalls, which are historically a weapon of the extreme right. Some people don’t believe in the process. Others don’t like putting their names to any public documents. Some folks are shy, some are suspicious of everyone. Noted traditional Republicans may not regard Walker as their standard bearer – they may even be embarrassed by his antics. But are not about to commit political suicide since the GOP is scrutinizing names.

The inevitable day at the ballot box is coming, and there all the votes are secret and matters of conscience, not of fear from the bully’s pulpit. Do you think, maybe, that is what Walker is really afraid of?

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