Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tax Dollars Used For Bonuses

The city of Waupun has decided that is appropriate to use taxpayer dollars to give their employees bonuses at the end of 2011:
The city will spend $14,800 to give a bonus of $500 to all department heads and $200 to all employees.

"This is a one-time ‘thank you' from the council for a job well done," said Mayor Jodi Steger. "It's the council's way of showing appreciation to everyone for pulling together. For three year's in a row we've had no levy increase, and the department heads have cut back expenditures, and the employees' work load has increased."
Scott Walker thinks that this is worth bragging about, using his taxpayer-funded office as the venue.

But if you read the full article, you see that services have been cut, including less police officers on the street. I don't know about you, but living in a city with a state prison, where they are already having all sorts of problems due to Scott Walker's irresponsible attitude towards governing, I would think they would want to be improving and strengthening their public safety presence instead of diminishing it. Maybe that would explain why people are leaving the area and coming to places like Milwaukee.

But I'm sure that it will be a comfort to the victims that even though their car was stolen, and hopefully nothing worse, that they saved a whole three dollars over the years.

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