Sunday, January 1, 2012

Walker, Republicans Continue To Try To Stomp On Voters' Rights

Scott Walker and his Republican cronies will literally stop at nothing to keep their untenable hold on power, no matter how many rights they have to trample or how many ethics codes they have to violate.

Despite it being the law clearly pointing out that it is the responsibility of Walker's campaign to challenge any signatures on the recall petitions, Walker continues to argue that it is his constitutional right to have taxpayers foot the bill for his political activities.  He's even taken it to the point of filing a lawsuit to try to force the Government Accountability Board to do his campaign's job, at taxpayers's expense, of course.

Taking advantage of one of their non-job-creating-job-creation bills which they had passed early in 2011, Walker's campaign chose to file their lawsuit in Waukesha County, home of the unethical and incompetent public officials.  They managed to get Judge J. Mac Davis, a former Republican legislator, to hear the case.

The first sign that this was going to be a kangaroo court type of event is the fact that Davis did not dismiss this frivolous suit on the face of it.  If a layman like myself can see it's so much balderdash, one would think an honest judge would.

This worsened when the Committee to Recall Scott Walker et alia filed a petition to become a party to the lawsuit.  Davis dismissed this motion out of hand, claiming it would bog down the hearing and open it up for "chaos" and making it a "free-for-all."

Yeah, right.

That's like saying the victim of a crime can't participate in their assailant's trial because it would only slow things down.  And isn't it Davis' job to maintain order in the court? Is he saying he is not qualified for the job?

The recall was initiated because Walker was abusing the powers of his office and violating the rights of all the workers, the voters, the women, the children and just about everyone else in this state,.  Now Walker wants to further violate the people's rights and the judge is saying they don't have a standing in the court? Unbelievable!

Fortunately, this is not the last chapter in this story, as that the recall people are filing an appeal, with a twist of irony that I simply just love:
The lawsuit, filed Dec. 15 in Waukesha County, can be brought in one of the most Republican counties in the state because of a change in state law earlier this year by GOP lawmakers and Walker that allowed lawsuits to be brought against the state outside Dane County, the seat of state government. Republicans argued that Dane County judges are too liberal. Judge Davis used to be a Republican state senator. 
Levinson said that same law allows his clients to file their appeal in Madison-based District 4 of the state appeals court. He said they'd file the appeal on the next day that court is open, probably Tuesday. 
Levinson had said Thursday that he didn't think an appeal of Davis' ruling would be worthwhile, but he said legal research Friday convinced him otherwise, and his clients decided to go ahead.
Without the recall groups in the case, Levinson's pleading says, "Win or lose, such proceedings give Scott Walker's campaign committee a stage and a megaphone to continue disparaging and impugning Wisconsin's constitutional  recall process and the integrity of the GAB's administration of elections. Absent a competing view point, this will harm the public interest regardless of the outcome of the case."
Of course, with the corrupt Justices sitting on the Supreme Court and refusing to recuse themselves when they are caught receiving tens of thousands of dollars in free legal advise for their first ethics trial, the recallers  probably would have been smarter just going directly to federal court, because that's where this is going to end up anyway.


  1. Didn't Ozanne donate money to Doyle then get himself appointed to a cushy job. Even local attorneys called this ethically challenged. Great article in the Isthmus on how crooked the deal was.

  2. And this excuses Davis, Walker and Gableman how?

  3. It doesn't. (different "anonymous" here...)

    That's just the thing, in the here and now, so many on the (so-called) other side will play the astro-turfer role, bringing new topics in the hope of redirecting the thought of the content from the original topic.

  4. Heh. There's a word for the first Anonymous - Troll.