Friday, November 2, 2012

2012 VOTE!

When Historians look back on this era, the 2012 election will be a very important time. The direction this country takes on Tuesday November 6th will be starkly different, depending on which way we go. The only way we win is if we turn out and VOTE. If we turn out and VOTE there is no way we can not win!

Please take part in OUR Constitutionally Limited democratic republic and VOTE!

If you do not VOTE, then these people win:

 If you do not VOTE this douchebag wins:

If you are not sure where to vote check out this website and it will answer all of your questions!  

Remember if you have already registered, YOU DO NOT NEED TO SHOW PHOTO ID

Polls are open from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.  IF you are IN LINE by 8;00 PM you are eligible to vote!   

Any questions or problems on election day call this number:  1-855-VOTE-177 OR 1-855-868-3177

One last time, MR. Spock wants YOU to vote(PS: today is The last day to vote early in WI).  If you miss out today VOTE on Tuesday!!

One last thing, and incredibly important, FINISH YOUR BALLOT!  Make sure and vote for the demcrat representing you all the way down the ticket!

Its very important that we not only re-elect President Obama, but that we also send our president some people he can actually work with!    

PS:  I personally like to vote on election day and take my kids with me, so our whole family will be at the polls on Tuesday!   See you there! 


  1. Happy Voting everyone!

  2. My only hope is that down-ticket Democrats refuse to work with Obama if he is re-elected and relentlessly hold his feet to the fire, and get him to immediately start hopping to the left of his predecessor.

    Mr Zero wants, claims there's clean coal (LOL), has already exceeded all prior drill, baby drillers, just sent 3000 more troops to support operations in Africa, will destroy our aquifers with Keystone, has relaxed again, air quality standards, will allow fracking of every atom of gas in the earth, destoying forever billions of tons of fresh water, has just colluded on the new "disposition matrix," activities, better known as the weekly Tuesday (drone) Kill Selection List. He's prosecuting more whistle-blowers (after promising fully protecting them '08) than every POTUS before him, there's rumblings of CIA deposing government in Ecuador (heard of anyone named Assange?) and if you have yet to hear of the almost three year long negotiations instituting the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, educate yourself about trans-national corporations doing business in the US being exempt from any of our environmental and labor laws, or taxpayers being subject to TPPA fines levied for attempting prosecuting any such activity and who do you think is OK with privatizing previously public access to radiation (NOAA) level data in the Pacific and along our West Coast.

    This election is the smokescreen for the continuation of the oligarchical status quo. Cheer leading and tribalism and endless score-keeping (polling) replacing and distracting from intelligent discussion of any of the real issues to a large portion of the electorate. As neither major party candidate intends to refrain from slitting our collective, safety net throats in the "Grand Bargain," make your down-ticket selections carefully. When the circus leaves town is when the real work begins anew.

    Peace and Resolve