Friday, November 2, 2012


Due to redistricting, which was done unethically and in complete secrecy, and is now costing Wisconsin taxpayers close to $2,000,000 that could have been used elsewhere, Assemblyman Andy Jorgensen's district was massively changed.   He now is running for the 43rd Assembly district! 

His opponent Evan Wynn, thinks that it was perfectly acceptable for a sitting legislator to sign secrecy agreements to keep all information away from the general public and his constituents.   Not only that, it appears secrecy from his constituents(unless your giving him money) is how he lives his life.  He recently held a fundraiser, with Scott Walker, where the press and cameras were not allowed   While Wynn believes in complete privacy for himself, he also believes your health is his decision!  Even going so far as to seek and get the endorsement of the extremist hate group - Wisconsin Family Action Pac.

Contrast that with Andy Jorgensen, who lives by the motto- those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing.  Has also had fundraisers, open to everyone, including the press!  Jorgensen has also made job creation his priority, authoring sponsoring and/or pushing over 40 jobs bills in the last assembly session that Evan Wynn and his cohorts outright rejected. 

Get in touch and learn more about Andy Jorgensen on his website, his facebook page or on twitter - @repjorgensen! 

Let's make sure and send a message to Mr. Wynn that our government is not meant to be a secret boy's club.

Support and Vote for honesty, hard work and integrity in Andy Jorgensen for the 43rd District!!!  

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  1. I work as a staffer in the Assembly. I see 'em all and I want your readers to know Andy is one the best. He is an honest, hard-working politician in the best sense of the word. He's looking out for the middle class. Wynn? Not so much.