Tuesday, November 6, 2012

LGBT Rights!

I went to a wedding recently.  Ok, it wasn't a wedding.

I went to a wedding reception recently.    Ok it wasn't a wedding reception. 

I went to a ceremony recently where two people exchanged their vows and joined their lives.   Ok it wasn't really that either.   

I went to a party/reception, where two people stood in front of friends and family and told everyone that they were committed to building a life together.

Not a priest, pastor or rabbi in sight!

See the problem is,  that the couple were two women, who met, fell in love, and decided to commit to each other.  Not just in their love but also in their everyday life.  They have a child together, a mortgage, care payments, house repairs, grass to mow, driveways to shovel etc... They have decided that they want to share everything together as they go through this journey called life.

Unfortunately for them though, the one thing that they can not share is wedding vows.  We as a society have decided to tell them that their love and decision to be together is not acceptable to us.  Heck in Wisconsin we even wrote it in our Constitution that LGBT people will never be equal and do not deserve the same rights as straight people.   Isn't that special

In Minnesota today, they will also be voting on an Anti-Gay marriage amendment, written by a republican legislator who was cheating on her husband at the time.  In Wisconsin the same group that was the driving force behind our anti-gay marriage amendment are avid supporters of multiply divorced Robin Vos and Roger ' Some girls rape so easy" Rivard!  Yet do not get the irony. 

All hope is not lost however, the ridiculous "dont ask dont tell policy" has been ended.   There is much support for LGBT equal rights, even from the NFL!  The messaging has gotten better and eventually they will be on equal footing with all of us!  

That being said, we still have much work to do.   In the meantime I just wanted to be clear about something.   If you tell me that you have LGBT friends, and do not support equal rights, then they are not your friends.   What kind of friendship is based on not wanting your friend to have equal rights?    Who would support suppression of rights to a family member?  

Also when you say you support equal rights and still support politicians who adamantly oppose equal rights, then your not being honest with someone.   

I do not care if you are a democrat, republican, libertarian, independent or apathetic, it is time to put hatred and bigotry aside and allow our LGBT friends and family equal rights!

Push the politicians, talk to your friends, educate your children and your church,  how important this issue is and how wrong we are on it right now!    

Let's make sure my friends can soon have an actual wedding ceremony for me and my wife to gladly attend! 

Here is a brilliantly done video that two women made in opposition to the Minnesota Anti Gay marriage Amendment. 

Watch this video and tell me again why we will not allow them to get married?  


  1. The Wis amendment states that marriage is between one man and one women. It does not say at a time or in succession. Shouldn't second and third marriages be equally as unconstitutional as LBGT marriage.