Friday, November 2, 2012

When Fox Attacks!

H/T Salon:

I would say that Fox & Friends jumped the shark but that would assume that they had credibility to begin with!

No words can describe this:

A heartwarming case of some American icons coming together in a time of need to help out and rock out, right? Not so fast. The paranoid crew at Fox and Friends uncovered what’s really going on here: Secret Obama propaganda. “Good intention, raise some money for victims, but the timing is more than suspect,” guest host Eric Bolling said this morning. “Is this more political? Is this more, let’s get this thing on TV before the election to help President Obama look more presidential? Or is it more to help out victims?”

Steve Doocy chimed in: “Keep in mind, there you’ve got Bruce Springsteen and Jon Bon Jovi. Both supported the president of the United States.” And because Fox apparently does not support affirmative action for people of color, but does support ideological quotas for benefit concerts, Doocy asked earnestly, ”Where are the conservative performers?”


  1. #TheBubble of un-reality and dog whistles.

  2. Seriously? Yup, Fox jumped the shark, alright.

  3. If Fox wasn't right, where's the Nuge, huh?

  4. MeatLoaf is busy

  5. Has anyone told these guys their key demographic is migrating into nursing homes and grave yards?

    1. But they are still able to vote Rebiblican via absentee ballots.

  6. What about Pat Boone? He's still hot isn't he?

    Also, Dave Mustain!

  7. Ode of the Teavangelical
    I am a birther, a bircher, a modern flat-earther. I revile the Kenyan Obama & his Kansas-born mama. He produced a certificate finally, but never will he be American like me!
    Since I bleed Tea, I reject any whose face, place, or prayer is foreign to me. Truth, logic, & science are an unholy progressive alliance. Justice, fairness, & reason are liberal acts of treason. I'd rather claw out my eyes than compromise.
    I despise unions with Koch brothers passion. Low paid cops, teachers, & firefighters must be the fashion. My Rove-backed rage will soon end the minimum wage!
    By judicial decree, a woman's choice, her body, will be policed and must submit to me.
    Climate change is a joke & gays are an aberration. I prefer my place in big oil's yoke. How I miss segregation.
    I insist on free market anarchy. Tax cuts for the rich, kill Social Security! Socialism is my nightmare. Gut the VA & Medicare!
    I slam "Obammy" at every turn. On a cross, his presidency, I wish would burn! And, although my vote propelled Bush-for-brains to heights undeserved, I can't seem to remember,The eleven Trillion dollar debt handed off to Obammy, I ain't got the nerve.
    God bless America! But, I am not keeper of my brother. All my failures, the fault of the illegal other.
    Thanks to Rush, Fox, & the internets I think independently. I am no pawn, no rube, no ClownedByTheGOP. Birther, bircher, modern flat-earther, that's me.

  8. I'm supposed to believe that the Republicans were all along the party of good intentions?!
    Excuse me, but look at historical fact. It was not Scott Walker that originally brought up this idea of attacking the public sector workers, it was Cliff Cristie, New Jersey Governor, early 2010. Look it up.
    Let me say that the last couple of weeks has been the strangest 2 weeks of my 53+ years of existance.
    New Jersey holds a special place in my heart as many years ago I spent a good deal of time at Ground Zero for Hurricane Sandy--location Long Beach Island, New Jersey (Shipbottom to be precise). My special "significant other" (fomerly "girlfriend") had a house right there on the Jersey Shore, and it's hard to tell if that place even exists any more.
    Cliff Cristie's political beliefs have made a drastic switch in the past few days, so we're supposed to just let him get away with it?
    President Barack Obama has stood for providing government help where needed for as long as he has held his office. His view has been not just compassionate to the public at large, but based on his political principles.
    Please help Long Beach Island, regardless of what Mitt's and Cristie's latest position happens to be.
    Bruce Springsteen's song "Badlands" really does apply here!

    1. It's Chris Christie, but otherwise, your points are all true.

    2. Thanks, Capper. This truly is a sensitive subject to me, and I admit I'm not the best speller when I get agitated.
      Last Sunday night, at 6:05 pm, in Fond du Lac, I had the police called to get me, accused by my Tea Partier neighbor city council lady of tresspassing on her property. She doesn't like the fact that I have 5 signs in the front yard for Democratic Party candidates--one being for Jessica King, opponent of her cheap candidate, Rick Gudex.
      I also play music on my stereo out my window, for my own enjoyment--things like Bruce Springsteen, Ry Cooder, Sly Stone, Frank Zappa, Motown, blues, jazz--music that really agitates this council lady, as well as draws attention to the public about political issues.
      Thankfully, after being put on trial by this police officer for some 40 minutes of cross-examination, I acquitted myself by explaining my side of the story, and I wasn't hauled off to the Fond du Lac jail.
      Turns out, much to the council lady's agitation, the police officer likes music (and I'm sure realized that Democrats defend the police and their union).
      Sometimes justice does prevail.
      Thank you for having your blog, so that people like me can tell their side of the story.

    3. It is my honor to serve as the voice of the people.

  9. Hey, did you all catch that great benefit concert that was broadcast on Fox News tonight?

    Asking for a friend.