Sunday, August 10, 2014

2014 Summer Primary Election: Feast or Famine Edition

As the gentle reader, being the wonderfully informed individual that he or she is, knows that Tuesday, August 12, is the Primary Election Day in Wisconsin.  This is the first step in trying to make things better for our poor, beleaguered state.

Needless to say, Scott Walker, Becky Kleefisch and the other Teapublicans have made a mess of everything they've touched from their horrendously poor job creation numbers to higher taxes to lower services to corruption everywhere one looks to destroying the environment to attacking the rights of women, workers voters and minorities.

The lot of them needs to go and the sooner, the better.

Without further ado, here are my recommendations for Tuesday's election.  Please note that I will be skipping many of the races because the Democrats have only one candidate.  Sadly, in over 20 races - including my own Assembly District - they don't even have that many.


Recommendation: None

Let's face it, for better or for worse, the Democrats chose long ago that Mary Burke would be their candidate.  While her positions are a lot better than Walker's in many areas, there are other areas where she causes me to be very concerned.  While she is going to win the primary with ease, I just can't recommend her at this time.

She is facing Brett Hulsey, whose antics and personal foibles removed him from being a serious consideration even before he announced.

Lt. Governor

Recommendation: None

There are two candidates in this primary as well.  The candidates are John Lehman and Mary Jo Walters.  As with the governor's race, Lehman is the party's chosen candidate and will win hands down.  That said, I have seen almost nothing from either candidate that would allow me to make an informed recommendation.

Attorney General

Recommendation: Susan Happ

This is one of the few races where the voters have the luxury of a panel of good candidates: Jon Richards, Susan Happ and Ismael Ozanne.  All are good people and would do a good job for the people of Wisconsin.

That said, Richards, who has been running a very aggressive, polished and positive campaign has the shortcoming of lack of experience as a prosecuting attorney.  Ozanne, who is the Dane County District Attorney, would be a lightning rod for the Republicans due to his standing up for justice in the Act 10 case among other matters.  That leaves Happ, who is the Jefferson County District Attorney, has the experience and little for the Republicans to attack her on.  This will leave them to try to run on their candidate's track record, which is really rather poor.

State Treasurer

Recommendation: David Leeper

US House of Representatives

District 1

Recommendation: Rob Zerban

Rob Zerban is the only candidate in this primary that has been in Wisconsin, fighting for the people.  He has consistently shown himself to be a friend of workers and small business owners, both of which are vital to any recovery from Walkernomics.

District 2

Recommendation: Mark Pocan

District 4

Recommendation: Gwen Moore

I mean, ex-con Gary George? Really?

District 5

Recommendation: Chris Rockwood

District 6

Recommendation: Mark Harris

District 7

Recommendation: Kelly Westlund

Watch out for the fake Democrat running against her! He's really a Teapublican!

State Senate

District 15

Recommendation:  Janis Ringhand

District 17

Recommendation: Ernie Wittwer

District 21

Recommendation: Randy Bryce

State Assembly

District 8

Recommendation: JoCasta Zamarippa

District 10

Recommendation: David Bowen.

Bowen is the only clear progressive in this race.  He has stood up for the poor and the working class.

Bria Grant is the school choice candidate and Tia Torhorst is part of the Abele Party, and is pro-poverty and anti-democracy.

District 19

Recommendation: Marina Dimitrijevic

Dimitrijevic is the only candidate with a proven track record and has a well rounded list of endorsements from local civic and political leaders as well  as many unions.

That said, two of her opponents, Jonathan Brostoff and Sara Geenen, would also be wonderful representatives.  The fourth candidate, Dan Adams, is just a joke that Chris Abele ran out of spite for Dimitrijevic and Brostoff.

District 78

Recommendation: Lisa Subeck

District 81

Recommendation: Margo Miller

Milwaukee County


Recommendation: Chris Moews

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  1. Capper, nice decision on leaving the Governor's race blank. I'm still probably going to vote for Hulsey, but leaving it blank's probably the more diplomatic way to send the message to DPW.