Sunday, August 24, 2014

Who Knew Legitimacy Was So Costly?


By Jeff Simpson

“Everything we’ve done is completely legitimate,” Walker told reporters Saturday in Madison.

Yet, Mr. Walker has spent well over $1,000,000 on lawyers, which is alot of money when you have done nothing wrong.   Mr. Walker also has a hard time distinguishing between illegal and unethical.    
To put things in perspective, he spent more than ONE MILLION DOLLARS on lawyers when he did everything right and sent ALS $10 to help find a cure(sans stem cells).  I wonder why he did not "nominate" Eric O'Keefe

Life is about priorities!  


  1. When are the media going to emphasis this little tidbit from the documents (page 19):

    "This investigation is not narrowly focused, as Plaintiffs appear to believe, on “WCFG [running] afoul of disclosure laws by failing to report the source of advocacy”; rather, it is about a candidate and his personal campaign committee failing to disclose the funding of such coordinated advocacy."

    What's with all this crap about Walker not "a" or "the" target?

    1. "Legal experts have told the State Journal that a 'target' of a John Doe probe is someone who prosecutors have enough evidence to file charges against, as opposed to a subject, who is someone under investigation for possible wrongdoing."

      So what's happening here is hair-splitting about the definition of "target." He's under investigation all right, they're just not at the point of charging him yet...

  2. The investigators didn't target Walker - based on preliminary evidence they suspected wrong-doing, so they investigated events to discover the facts, and those facts seem to indicate that some people broke the law. If the John Doe is allowed to continue, it's possible that those people who broke the law will be indicted. Targeted? No. Law breakers? Likely.

  3. Scott Walker said that he played no role in solicitiong donations for Gegebic Taconite...

    Walker said he was not aware of $700,000 donations to the Wisconsin Club to Growth...

    Aides told Walker to tell donors that they could make unlimited donations to Wisconsin Club for Growth without having their (tax deductible) gifts publicly disclosed.

    The Govenor signs legislation that streamline state mining requirements in 2013 that allow Gogebic Taconite to open its mine...

    When asked if this were a "pay for play scheme" Walker responded "That's a rediculous argument."

    1. The argument may be "ridiculous" (which it isn't), but Walker didn't say "No."

      Which means "Yes".

      GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY! Hilarious to see these guys flail without SykesBelling to lie for them

  4. Jake,
    Great work on putting this whole mess in perspective!
    The latest document release shows that the prosecutors have a really strong case. There was a reason why they had these campaign laws for all these years.
    Donation secrecy, big money, and coordination make democracy a sham. It's the formula for oligarchy.

    You're right to say that this will have implications for the top of the GOP. The WSJ would not have warned SKW about plea bargains if that were not the case.

    $700,000? The oligarch had nothing to gain from that, did he?

  5. Call me stupid, and play me stupid. Scott Walker's excuses are wearing thin. Please tell me why we should reelect a career politician who does not know what his aides and subordinates are doing?