Thursday, August 21, 2014

Why The Abele Party Failed

In last week's primary election, all four of the candidates that Boss Abele had supported - including the two he hand-picked to represent the Abele Party (Motto: For a more perfect plutocracy) -   ended up losing.  In the most egregious loss, in which Chris Moews lost to David Clarke, I had attributed the outcome to Abele getting the right wing fired up enough to come out in droves to cross vote.

It appears that was only part of the reason.  Another huge issue that affected all of the races was Abele himself, per the Shepherd Express:
An informal exit poll in both districts found that Abele’s strong and visible support was one of the main reasons why many voters rejected each of these candidates. Had these individuals run without Abele’s support and all of his resources, we are not saying that they would have won, because no one can know what would have happened. But according to the sample exit polling, these candidates would definitely have done much better. These two individuals are good people, but they just violated one of the tenets that most mothers tell their children: Be careful who you associate with because there are some people out there who will definitely end up getting you in trouble. 
What makes this really bad news for Abele is that he is up for reelection in a year and a half.  If people are already rejecting him through his candidates, it does not bode well for him.

Sadly, judging by his upcoming 2015 county budget, he hasn't learned the lesson yet and is continuing with his very unpopular agenda of ripping off taxpayers and county workers alike.

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  1. Boss Abele may not even make the top two (despite having a massive personal wealth that he can use to fund a re-election campaign) should he face opposition from both the left and the right in his 2016 re-election campaign.