Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rand "The Flash" Paul

By Jeff Simpson

Comic Book afficianado's all know the Flash will be a weekly television series this fall.  Here at CogDis we obtained a sneak preview.  I did not know though that they had cast Rand Paul as Barry Allen:

Yes that was presidential hopeful Rand Paul in your screen for one split second.  Mr. Paul was engaging in the latest craze "how quick can a tea party politician run from a question" and currently holds the record.  However we fully expect it to be challenged and broken many times between now and November!

PS:  Yes, that is CooCoo King explaining how he loves immigrants as long as they are not drug dealers.   He also has an innovative new way of finding out if people are drug dealers or not - Just ask them!  


  1. But true libertarians have no problem with drug dealing. Why are immigrants, for him, the exception?

  2. You've entirely missed the story here -- king farted and the smell was so foul, rand had to run.