Sunday, August 17, 2014

Walker's Honey Wagon Rides Again?

Is it just me, or when you saw this story:
Warning to highway drivers near Racine: Watch the road and hold your nose.

Traffic was slowed on all lanes of I-94 eastbound between Highway C and Highway 20, close to Racine, for part of the afternoon due to a spill of human feces in the road, according to a release by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.

The release warned of a "liquid non-hazardous substance spilled across all lanes of traffic," which was reported around 2 p.m.
...did you think of this story?:
It all starts with a septic company called Herr Environmental, Inc.  Herr Environmental was pumping out people's septic tanks and dumping the contents on farmer fields at three times the legal limits.  The dumping sites were next to residential areas and could possibly affect 40 different wells for drinking water.

The story reports that this is of a concern because the raw sewage contains nitrates that could infiltrate the drinking water and cause all sorts of health problems.  The story doesn't even go into the threat of E. coli.

To make matters worse, they tried to cook the books and had three different sets of records and over 60 inaccurate records of when, where and how much they spread.
It also makes me wonder where Joel Kleefisch was and if he was trying to fix a traffic ticket or something.

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