Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dan Adams Embraces His Inner Republican

A picture really does say a thousand words.
Dan Adams, the hand-picked candidate for the Abele Party in the AD 19 race, has been complaining that people keep asking if he was really a Democrat and not just a Republican in disguise, like Sheriff David Clarke.

I totally get where he is coming from.  Just because he supports school choice, is anti-union and has meet and greets hosted by Republicans, there is no reason to think he is a Republican.

Well, on the day before the primary election, it seems Adams has chosen to embrace his inner Republican.

On Monday morning, he was running an ad on WTMJ radio, boasting that he is the "only fiscal conservative" (read plutocratic pawn) and was proud to support the diminishing of representative government in Milwaukee County.

On Monday afternoon, he was running ads on Mark Belling's show on WISN, saying that since there is no Republican in the race, conservatives should just vote for him.

Apparently he is hoping to cash in on all the Republicans that are going to cross over to vote for David Clarke.  It's too bad that Republicans make up less than 15% of the entire district.  Even if all of them crossed over and voted for him, it wouldn't be enough to help him.

I just wonder how his boss, Boss Abele, feels about his hand-picked candidate schmoozing up to David Clarke, whom Abele hates most of all - after Marina Dimitrijevic, that is.

Methinks that Adams is about to find out the hard way what a Boss Abele tantrum looks like.

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