Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Tamra, You Have Some 'Splaining To Do!

By Jeff Simpson 

What the Heck is happening in the Racine area?   Are things as crazy as Jonathan Steitz appears to be?  Are the republicans as unethical as we all know Robin Vos to be?  Or after gerrymandering and owning all three branches of Government do our friends on the right believe that, like the Governor they all love, the rules do not apply to them?

Sorry I got ahead of myself.   Let's start at the beginning.

Local resident Tamra Varebrook, is very involved in extremist right wing politics.

Tamra is a single mom of one daughter. After many years standing on the sidelines of the political scene, she realized things were not headed in the right direction and decided to step up.
For the last three years, Tamra has been extremely active in politics in both Racine County and Statewide. She is an elected member of the Racine County GOP board. She also sits on the public relations committee, and chairs the programs and activities committee.
During the historic recall election of the Wisconsin Governor and six Senators, Tamra and her daughter put hundreds of hours fighting against the local, state, and national union machines; even agreeing to be the protest candidate for her Senator under recall, making it necessary to force primaries in all races.

Ms. Varebrook is so involved in the extremist politics she ran as a fake democrat in the recall elections, costing local taxpayers needless thousands of dollars.   No price is too high to elect republicans!

Ms. Varebrook also sees herself as a defender of the Constitution.   '

Tamra is no stranger to the local media. You can see her often speaking out in support of our constitutional rights, against big government, and most recently against the indoctrination of our children in public schools. She appeared locally and nationally on “Fox and Friends”, after discovering a Civics lesson of her eighth-grade daughter’s defining ‘conservatism’ as restricting personal freedoms.
As Tamra’s daughter grows up, and is only a few short years from adulthood, she feels the need to fight for not only hers, but her daughter’s future and freedom.
 The problem for Ms. Varebrook, is that she put the same attention to detail in reading the Constitution as she did in memorizing her address.   It appears that Ms. Varebrook may possibly have voted illegally and misrepresented her address to polling officials.  


We at CogDis obtained a very well documented and sourced complaint that has been filed with the GAB! The alleged charges are as follows:

I allege that: Tamra L. Varebrook, who voted in the Presidential Preference & SpringElection of 2012 (April 3, 2013) in the city of Racine at the St. Edwards polling location,was not a qualified elector at that location and municipality and intentionally used a falseresidential address, which is a violation of Wisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(a).Further, I allege that Tamra L. Varebrook worked as a paid poll worker at the HumblePark Community Center polling location for the Spring Primary Election on February 21,2012, in the city of Racine and was at the time, a resident of Union Grove. TamraVarebrook misrepresented herself as a qualified elections inspector to the Clerk of theCity of Racine, and to the Chief Inspector at the Humble Park polling location in violationof Wisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(b).

I allege Tamra L. Varebrook voted at St. Edwards polling location on that same electionday (February 21, 2012) and was not a qualified elector in the city of Racine but insteada resident of Union Grove, a violation of Wisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(a).

I allege Aubrey Willms knew Tamra Varebrook was using her address as her legal votingaddress and lied to protect Ms. Varebrook and herself from responsibility in violation ofWisconsin State Statute 12:13(1)(h).

I believe Tamra Varebrook may have voted illegally from this address before these twodates, no less than on six occasions according to VPA records.

See according to her receipt for being a POLL WORKER, she listed her address as:

According to Tamra Varebrook’s pay receipt from the Racine Clerk’s office, she listedher address as 1414 Orchard Street Racine, Wisconsin 53405.

Yet her actual address was in Union Grove, WI!  


That leaves us Inquiring minds at CogDis to ask a few questions.   

*   "Has Tamra Varebrook been lying about her address to vote?"*   Does she not know where she lives?  *  Does she think that her one vote in a place where she does not even live will have        any kind of effect on the actual outcome?*  Does she support voter ID to keep herself from voting?*  Does she have a getaway planned if she gets caught?*  Will Ms. Varebrook be on "Fox and Friends" to tell people how to vote illegally?
*  Can I be on "Fox and Friends" for breaking the story of the tea party (alleged) outlaw?*  Is she also fighting for her daughter's freedom to vote in any ward she feels like voting that day?
*  How would she handle it if she were to ever catch someone on the left illegally voting?*  Will the GAB do anything about this?*  Why are these stories always always always about hardcore far right republicans?*  Was Glenn Grothman referring to Ms. Varebrook specifically when he discussed single mothers?
*  Would voting in the wrong precinct and lying about where you live to poll workers, officially be considered a Bozo No - No?
*  Since Ms. Varebrook is such a strong supporter of "school choice" could she just be supporting "voter choice" here?
*  Are there any laws that you feel applies to both Democrats and Republicans alike?*  If you spent time in prison, heaven forbid, what is the one food you would hate having to give up?
*  Finally, if you are a "conservative" what exactly are you conserving?

We a
t CogDis await with bated breath to see how this plays out and will bring you more details as they become available!


  1. If it smells like a SKUNK and slithers like a SNAKE, It must be a Republican!

  2. Tamra was ousted from the Racine GOP for her brazen and contradictory behavior. For most of this year, she has not been involved in planning any GOP event.

    1. Don't kid yourself. Tamra and Rep Robin Vos are "closer than this" regarding politics.

    2. I shudder to think of what kind of "brazen behavior" could get one kicked out of racine gop

  3. ALWAYS PROJECTION! Every time with the crooks in the GOP.

    And as mentioned- voter ID wouldn't change this at all, as Tamra (allegedly) ID'd herself at the polls.

  4. It would be interesting to find out whether Tamra was working the poll books for the recall election, which Lehman won, surving a recount requested by losing candidate Wangaard.

    I observed that recount. Experienced observers familiar with election protocol became increasing suspicious that one GOP/TP strategy had been to use 'outside observers' (ie, TP folks from Texas) to disrupt the election inspectors workers the election -- especially the ones doing the poll books in Racine's urban wards. We suspected that the disrupters' intent was to cause 'mistakes' that could potentially allow the GOP to challenge individual voters' votes. The most common 'mistakes' we saw were 1) forgetting to have the voter sign the poll book; 2) the poll workers forgetting' to 'sign BOTH poll books; 3) incorrect recording of the voter's number in one of the books -- all of which would make the voter's vote potentially challengable.

    The GOP lawyers were very active challenging said errors, trying to get the board of canvassers to throw out the 'illegal' votes. The Republican County Clerk, to her credit, voted consistently to allow the votes -- saying that she was reluctant to disenfranchise voters for what she called a 'clerical error.' Had the Wangaard campaign challenged the election in court, many of those votes might have been thrown out, because they were, indeed, 'out of compliance' with state election law.

    Given this news about Tamra, one has to wonder if she wasn't, in fact, an 'inside man' in this attempt to disrupt and if needed, set it up so that a potential Lehman win could be challenged and overturned. (Granted, a Board of Canvass - or a judge - can't KNOW which candidate any given voter cast his/her ballot for, but in certain precints in Racine - such as the one Tamra worked in - having 1,000 votes 'invalidated' would have netted 900 less votes for Lehman, who won the election by 819 votes.)

    Anyone doubting the efficacy of this strategy has only to look at what Mississippi's TP Senate candidate McDaniel is doing, having lost the GOP primary to Thad Cochran.

  5. She runs with the knots, right?

  6. Tamra on a high horse again today regarding a teacher asking students to imagine other cultures and beliefs living in the United States. Wow a History teacher asking kids to ponder what it's like to walk in others' shoes (Muslim, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, and Buddhism) in a time when the country and world is faced with Racial and Cultural differences that often get skewed by media to show the worst of any. It's not like the teacher was asking for them to convert to Muslim or any other religion, just asking to understand and not make assumptions based on prejudice and stereotypes. History has proved that ignorance of and indifference to others with differences frequently leads to great tragedy.

    To top off Tamra's legacy now she's adding Cyber Bullying of teenagers that are in support of their teacher. Apparently she's not quite smart enough to realize that kids can screen shot all her tweets just like she passes along all those that are Pro-Tamra to those she feels cares. Apparently she takes great pride in putting a small town in the news ... again ... over things that didn't ignite ANYONE in the past. Congrats to Tamra for igniting another frenzy of misinformed fanatics and causing completely unnecessary strife for a teacher by passing this rant on to the media before allowing the school/teacher to address any concerns she had ... hiding behind the guise that she didn't take it to the teacher because it's not their fault but the curriculum and school board's fault ... nice try, anybody that knows her history knows it's about Tamra getting face time not the betterment of anyone. If she was about change she'd start with the people that can enact that change not the media that takes what's already blow out of proportion, to an even higher level. Hopefully this time it totally backfires on her and people quit listening to her drivel.

    1. i cant find this anywhere and she has meblockd on twitter....do you have a link?