Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Future of UW-Madison

By Jeff Simpson

Indisputably, one of the key economic drivers in Wisconsin is the University of Wisconsin and the University system.  UW-Madison, is a world renowned university that has produced superstar alumnus in all aspects of life from musicians, to actors to businessmen to scientists and everything in between.

While the stories are endless, one recent one specifically stood out to me.

A prominent UW-Madison scientist is studying the Ebola virus on campus.Yoshihiro Kawaoka, who is better known for flu research, is conducting two types of Ebola studies, said Rebecca Moritz, a campus biosafety manager.One project uses genetic material from Ebola, and the other uses a strain of the virus that is missing a key protein, Moritz said. The strain can grow only in a particular cell line containing the protein and is not infectious in animals or humans, she said.Kawaoka is testing potential drug therapies for the virus and “understanding how Ebola does what it does,” she said. “There’s really not a lot known about this virus.”

Ebola is a nasty, deadly disease where the people who do die from it, die a horrible death.  It is understudied, underfunded and on the verge of being a global problem.   Imagine if you will, the economic boom, long lasting residual effects and humanitarian good that would come with Mr. Kawaoka finding a cure?

Now lets get back to reality.  It appears, thanks to unethical, bitter partisan redistricting, that the republicans will continue as the majority party in the legislature.

What is the Republican Party stance on the UW-Madison?

They think so little of the University and its benefits to WIsconsin that they put the buffoon Steve nASS in charge of the Colleges and Universities Committee and have cut well in excess of $300 Million from their budget.

When your priorities are split between running for the next job and pushing a far right extreme ideology,  the people of Wisconsin suffer.  And suffer long term!

We have two fixes for this.  1.  Mr. Kawaoka can start donating tens of thousands of dollars to the Republican Party and spend his time lobbying(or get newly appointed ALEC stooge Jim Villa to do it for him) or we can vote the current group of republicans out.

Do we really want the future of UW-Madison in Steve nASS's hands?

Vote as if the future of our Great State depends on it, because it does!!

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