Friday, August 8, 2014

Is Dan Adams Really A Republican?

People have been asking Dan Abele Adams, the Abele Party candidate for Assembly District 19, is really a Democrat or if he is a Republican pretending he's a Democrat.  The confusion is understandable, considering that Adams has repeatedly come out for Republican issues such as school choice, anti-worker rights, anti-representative government and pro-privatization of public services.

Of course, Adams has been denying any relationship with the Republicans.

But then perhaps Adams might want to explain this letter:

For those that might not remember, Betty Jo Nelsen was the Republican Assemblywoman from the Shorewood area until Alberta Darling took the seat.  Nelsen was no do nothing Republican but also served as the Assembly Minority Leader for a number of years as well.

Likewise, Polly Beal is a former Republican Assemblywoman until she lost to the Democrat Sheldon Wasserman.

To paraphrase the old saw, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and hangs around with other ducks, it's probably a duck.  

If Adams is wondering why people wonder if he is like David Clarke or Chris Abele - a Republican running as a Democrat - he might want to take a hard, honest look at himself.

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  1. Dan Adams is even using some of the GOP's messaging, such as "pro-growth" to refer to anti-middle class policies.

    If he's not an outright GOP plant, he's truly a DINO.