Saturday, August 9, 2014

My Endorsements for Tuesday August 12th!

By Jeff Simpson

For What Its Worth, Here are some of my endorsements:

Governor -

I do not endorse, but I voted for Bret Hulsey as a protest vote to let the powers that be know that how they have handled this race is wrong, damaging in the short term and destructive in the long term.  Do I want Scott Walker to win again?  Absolutely not!   Do I think Brett Hulsey would be a better Governor than Scott Walker -  By leaps and bounds yes!

Lieutenant Governor- 

I do endorse Mary Jo Walters!!   I think the work she has done gathering signatures, engaging people and talking actual issues should be rewarded.  I appreciate what John Lehman has done in the past but his time has past.  When he ducked a debate he showed me his time has come and gone.  

The 63rd Assembly district - 

Bryn Biemeck -  Anytime you have a chance to knock Robin Vos from an elected position you need to take it.   Redistricting has made it almost impossible in many seats for the opposing party to make a difference.   With no real Democratic race on the ballot(I dont care who wins the AG, they are all head and shoulders better than JBVH or the his little twin replacement), now is your chance to show up on Tuesday and make a huge difference in the state of WI politics.

 In an off year primary, you can make a difference here!!

Senate District 21 -

Jonathan Steitz -  Triple dipper and former senate loser, Van Wanggaard, was being rewarded by the republican party for turning on the union he belonged to his whole career by having a distrcit redrawn for him where he might be able to win.  Then extremist Steitz stepped in to run and Van was screwed.  He does not have the appeal to the moderates or the left and the far right is now behind Steitz who strong believes in secession.    As the above race, you can make a difference here and watch the crazy Jonathan Steitz win and then all of the sane people in the district can get behind Randy Bryce who is a much much better candidate than both of them combined.  

6th Congressional District:

Glenn Grothman.   Here is another race that l would love to see the local Democrats cross over and support Grothman.   Democratic candidate Mark Harris will win in November anyway, and I am a firm believer that the bigger stage that Glenn Grothman has the better it is for everyone on the left!  

Wisconsin 72nd Assembly district.   

Scott Krug has to go!  He really really has to go.  Dana Duncan is the one to send him packing and represent the 72nd Assembly District like it should be represented - intelligently!    First he has to win the Democratic primary against a long time party machine backed candidate.   Please help him get through the primary and lets go about beating Scott Krug.    

Senate District 17:

This is a race where every democratic vote will matter.   There is long time local resident Ernie Wittwer running against political insider Pat Bomhack.  Bohmack will be more of the same vanilla, center right,m kowtow to the republican candidate that we have way too much of in Madison, WI.   Wittwer is the one to keep the tradition of independent thought, well spoken and carefully considered positions that District 17 is used to.   I recommend  Wittwer!


  1. It's a partisan primary. People can't vote for candidates in both parties. It's one or the other.

  2. I am sorry, I thought that went without saying.

    I recommend the Gov/Lt Gov on the dem ballot ONLY if you dont live in a district where one of the repub races are going.

  3. You should place a higher value on your vote than to throw it away on "protest" votes or to create mischief in the other party's primary. On this you're on the same page as Blaska.

    1. I largely agree. Jeff has this vendetta against Mike Tate and it can make him a bit childish at times. Advocating a vote for Hulsey is stupid on a lot of levels, and won't help in any way towards ending this disastrous regime in Wisconsin.

      While we do need progressive principles and need to keep the DPW from being overrun by insiders who make all the choices, there are a whole lot better ways to do it than casting a vote for a goofball who brings box-cutters to his Assembly office. Getting out the vote for non-corrupt Progressives in AD10, AD19, SD 15, SD 25 and Milw Co Sheriff is a good start.

    2. Oh, and definitely vote for Kelly Westlund if you're in the 715 for WI-7. She's a great candidate worth getting behind, with an anti-Social Security goofball posing as a Dem against her. Style points do matter in some of these elections.

    3. Its not a vendetta against Mike Tate. I like Mike Tate personally, its a vendetta against the incompetence of the party leadership. When they took control we had both houses and the Governors office and now we are insignificant in Government. I wish they were successful in something so I could sing their praises!

      I do hold my vote sacred which is why I vote every time no matter what. As I have stated a vote to make Robin Vos unemployed is not a wasted vote. The country is better off because Eric Cantor lost and the state would be well served to have Vos lose.

      I have no qualms about saying I voted for Hulsey and I think the higher vote count he gets hopefully it will force the party leadership to acknowledge that maybe they could make a little turn to the left. That and the fact that Mary Burke has not earned my vote yet. Im not walker is hardly enough to get my to vote for her in a primary.

  4. are you kidding brett hulsey

    you lost some of my respect there.

    1. Anon 1:03, you haven't been paying attention.

      The ONLY reason Ms. Burke is doing so well in the polls is that the oligarchs, Mike Grebe, Koch brothers,…. are very comfortable with her as Governor. They don't care about abortion and marriage equality, except in so far as those issues help them hold together their anti-union coalition. It's their temper tantrums in the Wall Street Journal that have forced the Wisconsin media (who desperately need a close race for the ad revenue), to cover the John Doe. It's that "drip, drip, drip," that's pushing his unfavorables up.

      I sent Ms. Burke $50. I'll vote for her in the general. I'm voting for Hulsey in the primary.

      If Ms. Burke wins, we're probably not know her true positions until after she signs her first ballot. With the line item veto, the Wisconsin governor has enormous power.

    2. "ballot" was supposed to be "budget."

    3. Oh for heaven's sake, John. What possible ties can you show between Mary Burke and the Bradley Foundation or Mary Burke and the Koch Brothers?

    4. 10:18,

      What part of my response at 3:59 don't you understand?

      Why hasn't Ms. Burke been screaming at Chris Abele in the media to release to PROMPTLY release all of Scott Walker's emails?

      Thanks in advance.

    5. No dots to connect here then. Obviously Burke doesn't scream. What woman would ever get elected if she did? And why should she get involved in Doe and risk looking too partisan for the general election? What she's doing to paint Walker as an extremist is working and you are pretty close to smearing a honorable woman with your insinuations she is connected to the Bradley Foundations and the Kochs. You should be ashamed.

    6. Well said Anon 9:53. Why not show Walker's unsuitable for office based on his brutal performance and lack of job growth before we even go into John Doe? There's plenty of time to hit on the "corruption" angle- because other events will develop showing that corruption. I'd rather Burke do some positive ads for competence, which is another clear advantage she has over Walker.

      See John, most people have hobbies and realize not everything has to fit to their needs. That's something you tend to not understand when you make your numerous non-sequitir posts.

    7. Burke won't scream at Abele about anything because they are cut of the same cloth. Look at all the money he is giving her. Given Abele's pro-poverty agenda, that should give most critically thinking people reason to pause.

    8. Burke won't scream because she's a gracious, mature, competent professional. Moreover, I would not describe a highly-educated successful business executive who worked to grow her family's business as cut from the same cloth as a man who didn't finish college, didn't excel in a career, and lived off the earnings of a company he never held a role in.

    9. Maybe not when you look at their socio-economic histories. But when you look at their outlooks, well, they are suddenly much closer.

    10. Quite pure of heart, aren't you, cap? .

      As Anon 3:41 points out, Burke isn't close to Abele when it comes to corruption or greed. Give me someone willing to get it and do the right thing despite their rich corporate background (like Burke) over someone like Abele who thinks his rich and corporate background means people like us don't "get it."

      Eyes on the prize, and it ain't all about you and your brothers and sisters. That doesn't mean it's right, but it's also reality, and I care about results and outcomes over self-importance. The results and outcomes under Governor Burke look quite promising to me, and much better than the awfulness of today

    11. I truly wish I shared your confidence in her, but I don't. I remember how she bought her seat on the school board and voted against the teachers time and time again. What does that bode if and when she is elected?

  5. Its never a wasted vote when you are voting againt robin vos.

    Blaska thought he would be cute by signing hulseys nomination form but I think its the only patriotic thing he has done.

  6. Playing games with your vote is an insult to our history and to those among us who struggle to overcome the obstacles newly erected to prevent them from enjoying this most basic right as Americans. You got it horribly wrong with this post.

  7. Anon at 10:30,

    The real games playing started when Mike Tate and the corporate Dems took over DPW to annihilate what's left of U.S. unions. They're trying to turn DPW into WIGOP lite. Part of the process is to get corporate hacks (Dan Adams AD-19), Tia Torhorst (AD-10) elected in left leaning districts. Thanks Chris Abele, son of a billionaire.

    DPW's replaying the middle-class killing strategy that's worked so well on the national level. It's the House Dems, in super safe seats (heavy D+) , see Madison, who have really let down the Democratic party and the middle class. Now kids and younger voters are looking at Socialism and anarchism, because they can't tell the difference between D's and R's. See the Occupy movement.

    We elected Obama (twice), because he promised to get us out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Now he's going back into Iraq, because Exxon Oil needs US drones, rockets, and our Airforce to protect the oil fields they stole from the Iraqi's.

    "Foreign occupations lead to more terrorism."

    Have you seen any Democrats criticizing Obama for re-implementing Dick Cheney/George Bush's foreign policy? If so, please leave a url.

    1. Getting someone to run against Tate sounds great in principle but it not very realistic. Like all poor leaders(vos/fitzgerald et al.) they get in charge and start throwing obstacles to b beaten up as quickly as they can.

      It is practically impossible for an outsider to win that position, so why anyone would try is beyond me. I would prefer to let the results speak for themselves and the people in leadership have nothing to hang their hat on.

      Besides real change doesnt need the party

  8. 10:07

    Way to go!

    Here are the last two sentence from your Salon url

    "...I would agree, however, that it’s not fair to describe the Obama administration as George W. Bush’s third and fourth terms. Taking a longer view, it’s been more like Ronald Reagan’s eighth and ninth terms."

    1. I think what you meant to write is, "Your are correct, Anon 10:07, there are Democrats criticizing Obama."

  9. 10:07

    1. When in 2008 we gave Obama majorities in the House and Senate, he could have made the District of Columbia the 51st state. Wyoming and Vermont both have fewer people.
    That would have given Dems two solid liberals in the Senate.

    2. Why no prosecutions of even one Wall Street CEO?
    Broad bi-partisan support for that.

    3. Why hasn't he legalized pot?
    Again, broad bi-partisan support for that.

    4. Broad bi-partisan support for pulling back from foreign occupations, but Obama ramping up in Iraq, to protect Exxon.

    It's not D vs. R.

    It's 1% vs. 99%.

    "Oligarchy Exists Inside Our Democracy"

    1. Yes, we all ask similar questions and we all know the plutocrats have too much influence. You are preaching to the choir. America is not a liberal country. Americans by and large support the politicians operating in the disastrous center or horrifying right. The challenge is to do the hard work day in and day out to win hearts and minds over to Progressive ideas. November will matter.

  10. Here's my concern with Brett Hulsey, who is from my neighborhood and has been my representative. He has personal issues that have resulted in erratic, sometimes scary behaviors that, in my view, make him unfit to govern. I hope he is receiving the support he needs for his own mental / emotional health. In the meantime, voters need to vet candidates on the basis of their mental and emotional health and stability, not just their statements on issues. This should go without saying, but look around you: evidence suggests otherwise. Those we vote into office need to have a basic level of groundedness and ability to function to be able to deal with real world problems. Let's vote as if we deserve that.

  11. I undersstand what you are sayng about Huley and his erratic behavior, and expecting more out of people who govern.

    when he advocates bringing violence into peaceful protests where I have my children, then i will seriously worry about his mental health condition