Monday, August 18, 2014

Arby's Racist Bo, Yes Sir

By Jeff Simpson

Why, in God's green earth, with 324 million people in America, would Arby's decide to hire Bo Dietl as a spokesperson is beyond my understanding.

Now we can grab a chicken bacon swiss, turn on Fox News and see why the officer in Ferguson was guilty because bullets just tend to fly towards the head and that the real tragedy of Ferguson was that Capt. Ron Johnson shared his experiences as a black father.

I know that Mr. Dietl has yet to influence my lunch selection on a positive note for Arby's.


  1. What I really wish is that people would hold back judgment until the facts are completely laid out. The first time I've ever listened to this Dietl guy is from this blog. I do not know if he is a racist but the term racism needs to be thrown out of the conversation so we can get the truth. Some of the initial news stories were about how Brown was running away when he was shot, and now it seems as though that is not the truth. The media is making an issue out of him being shot six times, yet nowhere does it mention that the officers are trained that if they need to use deadly force, they are to shoot until the threat has stopped. A good reason why you don't try to attack an officer.
    Maybe this Dietl guy is a racist, I have no idea, but just because he states that the officer may not be guilty of murder, as many in the media have already given as a verdict, does not make him one.
    Officers are trained to fire if their life is in jeopardy. If it comes out that this man did charge him to get his gun, he had every right to shoot. If that is the case, it isn't going to make any difference to the officer if the attacker is black or white. An attacker can cover 10 yards in less than 2 seconds, so if he did attack, armed or not, that is certainly not enough time to worry about what race the attacker is. Race should not be an issue.
    Unfortunately the FoxnotNews can not be trusted to give you anything that could be considered accurate, so I do get why they need to be ripped on, but this might not be one of the times to do it.
    Now I would like you, Jeff, to look at it this situation as the parent of the officer.

    1. Bo Dietl has a history of claiming the police officer was doing nothing wrong when the officer murdered someone, like saying it was Not a Chokehold when a NYC police officer chokes a black man to death.

  2. I am still waiting for someone to reply when I asked about what if you are the parents of the officer. I am still disgusted about the comment on it being racism. It appears that the officer was hit in the face. So if a black officer is hit in the face with a force that fractures his orbital socket, and the guy tries to take the officer's gun, does he shoot the attacker? If he was trained properly, yes he shoots him. He would shoot him until the threat has stopped, which may take 6 or more rounds. So please, instead of making everything out to be racism, how about waiting to see what the facts actually are.

  3. If i was the parents of the officer i would be ashamed that my son shot an unarmed child 6 times in the back.

    I will be curious to watch the fractured orbital socket story progress as it goes because if ind it interesting it just came out today.

    The point of this post was two fold. 1. When someone shoots an unarmed blk man, people come out of the woodwork defending him and 2. who in the world would think hiring bo dietl as a spokesman is a good idea?

    1. Really Jeff, you would be ashamed of your son for shooting a man, not a child, who punched him in the face after robbing a store, who tried to grab his gun? I don't know what the facts are in this case but let's just say the story from the police is correct, trying to grab an officer's gun means that he intends to shoot someone. Anyone who has been through law enforcement training has been trained to shoot him. If he truly did try to grab the officer's gun, he had intentions to kill. Maybe you think he was going to unload it and lay it on the ground????
      I have yet to read anything that remotely mentions that the office was white and shot a black man therefore he should get a free pass. On the other hand, all one has to do is listen to Sharpton and Jackson and you can "learn" that Brown was shot because he was black and Wilson was white.
      By the way, it seems as though one of your facts has already been thrown out, he was not shot even once in the back.
      I enjoy reading your blog and agree with most of what you write. In this case, it would be best to leave the investigators find out what happened. Every time someone comments on this without the stipulation of saying, I have no idea what really happened, they should not ever bring the racism issue out because all that does is encourage racism.
      I personally have no idea what happened, I am only trying to get you to look at it from the side of the officer. When it is fairly obvious that eye witnesses have already lied, they lose a little bit of credibility.


      No broken eye socket, which I pretty much suspected.

  4. Speaking of lying and losing credibility....

  5. So what your saying is, we should withhold judgment until the investigation is over!
    Then you get the issue about "fair and balanced" journalism, does it exist with any of our major news media sources? Everything we get is filtered and twisted.
    There is also the issue of who we look to for spokesman. Jackson and Sharpton have no business talking, yet here in the good old USA, they get to be center stage because they spew hatred, which is good for the media. I believe this should be Obama's chance to step in and give the speech which could define his presidency.
    Just so you know, I have a daughter who is in law enforcement. I worry for her safety and pray that in a split second crisis she makes the correct decision. If there was a bull rush after a punch to the face and an attempt to get the gun, emphasizing the IF, no woman on earth with the exception of the fictional character Zeva from NCIS would stop it. It would be very difficult for almost any man to stop it. That is, without shooting.
    Hopefully, the investigators will weed through the lies and nonsense and find the truth. My concern is that even if the truth comes out, the other side will deny it and we will continue to hear lies.