Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Scott Jensen Legacy

By Jeff Simpson

I finally figured out why new Assembly rep Jessie Rodriguez does whatever formerly convicted felon Scott Jensen tells her to do:

1.  He was a convicted felon before blind to republican crime Brad Schimel, gave him a get out of jail free card.

2. She knows that if she does not do what he says, he will send his goons over to rough her up!

WIsconsin political aide pleads guilty to disorderly conduct chargeA state legislative aide accused of harassing a news cameraman at the capitol building in Madison, Wis., pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on April 25.Steve Baas, communications director for Assembly Speaker Scott Jensen, was referred to a first offenders program for his actions inside the state Capitol on Jan. 30. Steve Cady, a cameraman for WBAY-TV in Green Bay, claimed Baas collared him by the necktie while he and a reporter attempted to interview another Jensen aide.Cady claimed Baas spun him around by his necktie and let go of him only when Cady shouted that he captured the incident on videotape. Baas said he tried to move Cady from blocking the hallway and claimed Cady tried to hit him during the confrontation. After the incident, Cady said the videotape exonerated him from Baas' claims.In accepting a plea agreement, the misdemeanor charge will be expunged from Baas' record after he completes the first offenders program. Baas will not have to serve jail time or pay a fine.Although she did not file a complaint, reporter Natalie Arnold said in an interview with The Green Bay News-Chronicle that other Jensen staff members "manhandled" her by shoving her against the wall in an attempt to prevent the interview.The scuffle occurred when Cady and Arnold went to the Capitol to question R. J. Pirlot, another aide to Speaker Jensen, about his involvement in a campaign against state Rep. Lee Meyerhofer (D-Kaukauna). WBAY News has been investigating allegations that Pirlot anonymously provided court transcripts to an independent campaign group. The group has been accused of producing a campaign radio spot that portrayed Meyerhofer as a "wife-beater." (City of Madison v. Baas)-

The question I have, is why in the world would anyone hire a thug like Steve Baas to represent them?  Especially the Milwaukee Chamber of Commerce, no wonder unemployment is so high in Milwaukee.

Here is Baas getting the name of the next person who asked the wrong question to rough up:

If you see this person stand clear he is known to be dangerous!  

Edit Note:  Scandal Plagued Scott Jensen is the one person in the state of WI leading the voucher expansion.  Do you really think he has the best interest of your children in mind?  Is he someone you would want your children to look up to or role model?  We all know the answer to that!   


  1. The real "tell" in the 2001 incident was the underlying impetus for the trouble: A Jensen aide allegedly was working hand in hand with a supposedly independent and non-campaign group that was campaigning. Yet he got off scott-free, and I use "scott-free" advisedly.

  2. Did you figure this out after reading the Political Capitol blog?

  3. Jeff, if I tell you when you're wrong, I should also tell you when you're right. And here, you are. Baas and Jensen ARE sleazy thugs.

  4. Sleazy thugs Baas and Jensen go waaaay back. Actually, it's a family affair for Baas. And, as far as your questionning who would want to hire him, here's a clue: the MMAC is the heart of Wisconsin's right-wing establishment in SE Wisconsin.

  5. I see the coexist logo is present here which indicates the people who run this site are naïve and clueless. How do you coexist with someone who believes you are an infidel and should be killed?