Thursday, August 7, 2014

Republicans Encouraged To Do Crossover Vote For Clarke

Ever since he was appointed as Milwaukee County Sheriff by then Governor Scott McCallum, David Clarke has not had an opponent that presented as a serious threat to being reelected to office.

That has changed this year with Chris Moews running a solid campaign.  For months, one could not attend an event in Milwaukee County without running into Moews being there, working the crowd like a pro.

But as hard as Moews has been working to win this election, he has not had a bigger asset to his campaign as Clarke.  Clarke has been consistently been doing more damage to himself than Moews could have ever done.  Clarke has been embarrassing himself regularly with his immature temper tantrums, outlandish comments, ineffective law enforcement, scandals, and irresponsible stunts, like telling people that they shouldn't call 911 in an emergency.

Clarke's behaviors and failures have been so egregious that even some of his fellow conservatives are pulling away from supporting him.  Fortunately for Clarke - and unfortunately for the rest of us, he still has the NRA and its deep pockets supporting him.

But even with the dark money behind him, Clarke and his supporters know that he is in serious danger of losing.  And with that knowledge, they are getting desperate.

Besides sending out whackadoodle mailers to random households, his supporters are urging Republicans to cross over in the primary to vote for him.  The most notable of these attempts is a letter that was sent out by former Governor TOMMY!!! Thompson:

As with Clarke's mailers, Thompson's letter was apparently mailed to random homes.  These images of the letter are courtesy of State Senator Chris Larson.  I am quite sure that Senator Larson was already planning to vote in the Democratic primary.  I am also quite sure that he won't be voting for Clarke.

It is stunts like this that shows the importance of voting in each and every election.  Yes, it's "only" a primary. Yes, it's in the middle of August, when most people are squeezing in vacations and enjoying the warm weather while it lasts.  But it is the lackadaisical attitude towards voting that has allowed people like Scott Walker and David Clarke to stay in office as long as they have been.

Milwaukeeans need to make sure that they get themselves to the polls on Tuesday, August 12, to vote Clarke out once and for all.


  1. This WisGOP action says quite a bit. They show that they would much rather have the very right wing Clarke running against their candidate (that way they get a right wing Sheriff either way) in the November election, and that Clarke must need some outside help to beat Moews.

    Clarke's political associations need to be brought out front and center, right along with his ridiculous record, all the while claiming to be a Democrat. I guess when you have Sykes on your side, you can claim to be almost anything.

    Clarke's campaign website touts his winning "Sheriff of the Year" in 2013 from the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, run by Richard Mack, who has connections with the NRA, and also the Oath Keepers and Gun Owners of America. Mack was a spokesman for Cliven Bundy (a "sovereign citizen," just like Timothy McVeigh) this past spring, and worked in inserting armed militias into the conflict, which Fox News heavily backed. CSPOA uses the feudal posse comitatus idea as basis for their cause to make war with the federal government.

    Maybe the media will look into this strange mentality prior to election day.

  2. Anon, I really liked your comment. I will, however, quibble with your interpretation of Posse Comitatus.

    Yes, it can by misused. See Southern states and enforcement of Jim Crow laws. See also federalized police forces putting down Occupy protests, many others. Federalized Chicago Police, supported by many other federalized local police forces brutally put down down NATO demonstrations. Those were Americans trying to exercise their 1st Amendment rights.

    As unions try to make a comeback, their greatest hurdle on the picket line is federalized local police forces.

    All that federalizing violates federal Posse Comitatus. The only authority to enforce the law is given to LOCAL law enforcement, local DA's, local judges.