Friday, August 15, 2014

The Company They Keep!

By Jeff Simpson

A while back, tape was released that was somewhat damaging to Senator Mike Ellis.  In a drunken stupor he let his feelings fly, and they were not as hardcore right wing extremists as the folks in Fitzwalkerland prefer so he was forced to retire.

Mike Ellis was well covered(they wanted him out), and Judi Rhodes Engels(they need her to do the dirty work) was given a free pass for her role in the alleged illegal and smear campaigns.  One thing that was pretty much overlooked was the role that Project Veritas and Smear merchant James O Keefe played.

While O'Keefe refuses to say why he came up here and attacked small fish Ellis, it does not take much effort to connect the dots.   One of the biggest items on the republican agenda in the next session is vastly expanding for profit education, irregardless of the results.

 The face of education profiteers in Wisconsin is formerly convicted and ex-Speaker of the Assembly Scott Jensen.

Scott Jensen is such a powerful figure in Wisconsin politics still that when the republican party, made elected reps sign secrecy agreements to be let in the redistricting meetings(Not a single elected Democrat was consulted), Scott Jensen did not have to sign one and had to sign off on any new map they came up with.   Scott Jensen also stands to profit personally the most from raiding our public education funds.   Scott Jensen also had no problem buying the Assembly, he bought an Assembly seat in a special election(Jessie Rodriguez) who answers pretty much only to him.

The problem of course was the state Senate.   The republican majority was fragile, and while lightweights(figuratively only) like Rick Gudex will do whatever he told him to, the republicans did not have a solid enough majority to push things through.  Especially on the rare occasions when Senator Ellis actually represented his constituency.     One of those occasions has always been around the raiding of public education money.   Senator Ellis knew it was bad for WI and that the people in his area were against it.

Jensen and his ilk have no concern for the people of WI or what the people in WI care for or stand for, they enjoy profit.   That meant Ellis was an obstacle between our public education money and their bank accounts.   An obstacle that had to be removed.

I have no doubt that all bases are covered and there is no actual ties directly between Scott Jensen and James O Keefe.   The guys with the power rarely get their own hands dirty.   However, following the bread crumbs of logic,  we know right where that leads us.

That being said, let us look at the person that "someone" hired to come to WI and remove Senator Ellis - James O' Keefe.   See James O'Keefe was Andrew Breitbart's protege, until he was too disgusting of a human being even for Breitbart.   Now that Breitbart has moved south, O'Keefe is trying to establish his own legacy and apparently, with customers like the Wisconsin republicans, it is working.

O'Keefe you might recall, almost singlehandedly took down Acorn.  After the initial fake outrage, we found out that Mr. O Keefe was lying and he ended up having to pay the Acorn employee $100,000.

O'Keefe is back at it again with his trademark, half truths and outright lies.  This time Jimmy dressed up as his hero, Osama Bin Laden(not understanding the irony or stupidity) and crossed the Mexican border into the US.

Here is the kicker though:

Update: "To complete this investigation, Project Veritas spent over $74,242 in legal fees, investigators salaries, and travel expenses... Please help me replace these funds." ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
O'Keefe does not have any money, so he needs to fund raise to do these silly video's and gotcha moments.   The story was not Ellis's loose lips, when the liquor flows those have always been there.  The story is who in Wisconsin has money to burn to bring Jim O'Keefe to Wisconsin to help push through an agenda?  We also know our Governor likes to be involved in all aspects of his campaign, was he aware that Mr. O'Keefe had been hired?  Did the same person(s) hire Mr. O'Keefe who advocated bringing in violence to the peaceful protests in the Capitol?   Are James O'Keefe and Scott Jensen friends?

The republicans in Wisconsin know no level low enough that they will not stoop to to continue in power.

The real question is why would you reward that behavior at the polls?


  1. Walker is a solid number two at bestAugust 15, 2014 at 6:56 PM

    Rick Perry indicted! Haaahahahahahahahahah!

  2. Jeff, thanks. Had no idea O'Keefe was involved.

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