Saturday, August 23, 2014


By Jeff Simpson

We take time to from reading the Walker docs, to check in on Scott Walker's brother in arms (well not arms anymore) Indicted Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry

One of Texas Republican Governor Rick Perry’s charges comes with a possible prison sentence of 99 years behind bars, but that might not be his biggest hardship. According to Texas and federal law, NRA dreamboat Perry has probably lost the right to buy guns or have a concealed carry permit during the period of his indictment. Should he get convicted, he’ll lose his right to own guns altogether for at least five years after he gets out of prison. The Perry family asks for your prayers during this troubling time.

According to an article published in the Austin American-Statesman, federal law prohibits a person under indictment from carrying a concealed weapon or from acquiring new weaponry (whether by purchase or as a gift) if their charges call for more than a year in prison – a margin Perry’s charges beat by roughly 98 years.


By the way, Sean and Rick:


  1. What prayer are we supposed to pray so Rick Perry gets his guns back?

  2. Well at least it will disarm one right-wing nut job.

  3. 99 Years -- man those tough mandatory sentences can really come back to bite a guy in the ass.

  4. Sheriff Clark mentioned as attending this RWNJ meetup.