Monday, August 11, 2014

RIP: Robin Williams

Robin Williams was found dead Monday morning from an apparent suicide.

I was shocked and saddened when I heard the news.  Not only was Williams a comedic genius and one of the funniest people of our generation, he was also a skilled dramatic actor.

Sadly, Williams had a long history of alcohol and drug addictions, which were symptomatic of an underlying mental health problem.

At first, I thought my grief was just because the world had lost a talented soul.

But then I realized that it was more than that.  I remember when I was a boy and Williams first appeared on the show "Happy Days" to set up the spin off hit "Mork and Mindy."  After that, Williams hit the big screen starring in several movies - from comedies to award winning dramas.  I grew up with Williams always there to entertain us.

And now he is gone, and with that, so is part of my younger days.  It makes me remember my own mortality.

As I tried to find the right video to commemorate William's life, I was torn between his younger years and his later movies.  Then I stumbled across this, which seems so appropriate on so many levels:

I wish strength and peace to Williams' family.

I wish strength and peace to us all.

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  1. Robin Williams was truly one of a kind. His art tried to maintain the positive for all, while at the same time delving deeply into the psychological relationship between comedy and the tragic. It was the most difficult of ventures one in art could make a career of. Our world is complicated, just as he reflected.

    Bless his soul and may we all discover the humanity of his message.