Sunday, August 17, 2014

Brad Schimel's Amazing Metamorphosis

A friend of Cog Dis tipped me off with a very astute observation.

On October 14, 2013, Brad Schimel, the Republican candidate for Attorney General, went on the radio with Vicki "wolf on back, snake on front" McKenna.  The interview was a near disaster and showed just how unready Schimel was.

About the 26 minute mark, McKenna asks Schimel what he would do to fight "federal court overreach."  Schimel shows how unready he was for prime time by stammering through his answer.  Likewise, Schimel trips all over himself when asked about his vision for office.

After Schimel's flop on her show, McKenna states that she thinks that Schimel needed to be primaried and proceeds to rip into him, saying that Schimel would have been better off not doing any interviews until he knew what he was talking about. Considering what an imbecile McKenna is herself, that's really gotta hurt!

But it appears that Schimel did take her words to heart and notched up his rhetoric game considerable.

Six months after his flopping on the radio, he did an interview with Jessie Opoien of The Cap Times.  During the interview, Schimel states that he would reallocate some of the funding for the Department of Justice to help fight the opiate epidemic.  (Apparently, street drugs is only an issue when it affects white suburbanites.)

But then he adds this little tidbit:
A lesser-known aspect of what the attorney general does is defend the constitutional rights of the citizens of the state and defends the sovereignty of the state of Wisconsin against federal overreach. As attorney general, I will have an ability to focus more attention on this aspect than the previous attorney general, who came in with significant problems to fix. And he has had some considerable success fixing some of the internal problems in the Department of Justice. I’ll have the ability to focus a lot more on protecting our state’s sovereignty, and I conclude that the federal government has, to a great extent, slipped its leash. It’s invading rights that belong to the people of this state and to our state.
It's amazing how Schimel so adeptly became a sockpuppet for the right wing extremists and learned to spout off their talking points with a straight face, no matter how inane he sounds. It's almost as if he took a crash course at the ALEC Academy for Corrupt Candidates.

It's suspicious that the Teapublicans ran only one candidate for Attorney General.  It's even more suspicious that there hand-picked candidate for the race would be such an inept fool.

It becomes evident when one considers how easily Schimel is apparently  influenced by McKenna.  I'm sure that Charlie Sykes or Mark Belling would also be able to pull his strings so readily.  I can just see how quickly Schimel would roll over and grovel if someone with real clout would call on him to do something, say, not pursue charges against Joel Kleefisch in an obvious case of pay for play corruption.

It is obvious that the Teapublican/Dark Money forces are pushing for Schimel because of his integrity or his intelligence.  But he does apparently follow orders good enough for them.

Schimel has all the slime of J.B. Van Hollen but without the hair.

Fortunately, Tuesday's primary gave us the best candidate of not only beating Schimel but also cleaning up Van Hollen's mess - Susan Happ.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post had been previously published but then taken down and edited to protect the innocent.

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  1. WisGOP needs no primary to decide the one and only Brad Schimel is their choice for AG. From Waukesha County, of all places, hardly a beacon of justice.
    Scott Jensen knew which DA would provide a sweetheart deal, and then told Mike Gousha he's all for changing the way Jon Doe investigations are done here in Wisconsin. It's not about doing your job, it's the outcomes that really matter.
    Bill Kramer gave Schimel $500 for his AG campaign.
    Schimel's DA office is prosecuting Kramer, but he claims no involvement in the decision to press charges, putting the onus on his female Deputy DA.
    Then there's the Joel Kleefisch matter. "Why can't a legislator press for legislation that benefits a person who has contributed to their campaign?" Schimel wrote to One Wisconsin Now. "Isn't that the essence of representative government?"
    I would vote for Brad to a good used car salesman, but he has no place being the AG for our state and all of its people.
    And since he's so concerned about "overreach," let's get him to publicly state his position on nullification and secession.