Monday, August 25, 2014

Scott Walker: Out Of Work? It's Your Fault, You Lazy Bum!

Scott Walker has come out with a couple of commercials in the past few weeks. Walker has made a sudden and severe shift in his campaign strategy with these ads.  Instead of the long string of ads attacking Burke for not fixing the Bush/Cheney deficit and attacking former Governor Jim Doyle (who isn't even running), Walker has decided to fall back on his old faithful strategy of lying his butt off about his own record.

First, he ran a commercial about six white people that supposedly got jobs thanks to Walker.  Now he is running another commercial about how much "success" he's had in meeting his original campaign goals, even though he hasn't met any of the ones he is bragging about.

Now, I could go into how he said that the 250,000 jobs was just the minimum of the jobs he was going to create:

Or I could talk about how over a third of the jobs Walker is boasting about actually came in the first six months of his term, when Doyle's policies and budget were still in effect. Or I could point out that Walker's track record is worse than if he had done nothing at all.

But there is something about Walker's last two ads that I find exceptionally disturbing.

In both ads, he has a tag line of "We won't stop until everyone who wants a job can find a job."

Notice how he won't say it will be a good paying job?

The real disturbing part about this is the blaming the victim mentality of that line, which is all to common among conservatives.  He is saying that if there are people who are unemployed, it's because they don't want a job.  It reminds me of when conservatives used to say that there are so many homeless people because they choose to live on the streets.

Sadly, this is also just another version of the conservative race-baiting claim that people - usually referring to African Americans - are too lazy to get a job or that they don't need a job because they are living so well on that $40 a month in food stamps.  I can already hear race-baiters like Charlie Sykes and Brian Sikma making the claim that the people who are unemployed are only unemployed because "those people" don't want to find work.

The only thing that people need to listen to when Walker starts talking about jobs his is campaign pledge to create 250,000 jobs by the end of his first term - and to hold him accountable when he fails to meet that.  And the only way to hold him accountable is to get out and vote him out of office in November.


  1. WEDC board OK'd Ashley Furniture getting $6 million tax credit, cutting 1,900 jobs.

    Wow. I wonder how the Chair of the WEDC Board voted on that deal?

    Is this another pay for play scheme that can be pinned on the ass of Scott Walker?

    1. He voted for it. It was 9-2, with only Barca and Lassa voting no.

  2. Walker's claims of ignorance--and his phrase "no knowledge" should be recognized as such--indicate that he is incompetent or unfit to be governor. In fact it looks like he doesn't really WANT the responsibility of being our governor or he doesn't really WANT the job. Stats show Walker is AWOL much of the time. It looks like he is seeking other employment. Only those who really WANT the job of governor should get the job.

  3. Then Ashley made donations to Walker's campaign ........!!!!

  4. "...when Walker starts talking about jobs his is campaign pledge to create 250,000 jobs..."

    Let's finally start to the espouse the proper messaging here, please. Walker has NOT failed at creating 250K jobs. He is simply a LIAR and made the statement simply to help himself get elected.

    Came we just state the truth from here on out? MJS, Gannett, bloggers, reporters, please?

  5. Yup it looks like Walker is in waay over his bobblehead now. It looks like he's being thrown under the bus & doesn't know exactly how to play the game at this point. The 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals can continue to slowly leak bad press until Nov. 4th. The desperate push for voter ID at the last minute is our clue that for Walker "it's not working". On his own he'll surely have "no knowledge" as to how to play the big game, political chess.

  6. It's unlikely SKW, WEDC and the Teapublicans will get even half of his jobs promise by November. They're having to lower their terms of "success" they have to talk about so that the Walker failure of "It's Working" becomes the new message of we'll keep working at our grand plan, while casting blame on those without a job as not wanting to a job. Shades of Paul Ryan and his dog whistles.

    Unemployment, income, and any other his cherrypicked "success" stats can all be easily shown to misrepresent the condition of most Wisconsinites.

    With polling last saying they're essentially even, and their push to reinstate Voter ID, WisGOP is running scared.