Saturday, August 16, 2014

Quid Pro Quo

By Jeff Simpson

Quid pro quo ("something for something" in Latin[1]) means an exchange of goods or services, where one transfer is contingent upon the other. English speakers often use the term to mean "a favour for a favour"; phrases with similar meaning include: "give and take", "tit for tat", and "you scratch my back, and I'll scratch yours."

More proof that evolution is real.  The Wisconsin republican contingent for years has been doing exactly what the lobbyists and ALEC tells them to do.  They finally wised up and want something in return besides money - their time.

When you govern to please your corporate masters, it does not inspire too many people to work hard to get you elected.   That means they need help with voter contact.  Rep. Jim Steineke was sick of trying to find actual people to help with his campaign so he came up with the idea to make the lobbyists actually work.   

 Republican leaders in the Assembly are urging lobbyists to help them knock on voters' doors in an effort to strengthen their majority.
They've dubbed the effort "Leggiepalooza."
Rep. Jim Steineke (R-Kaukauna) this summer has regularly emailed supporters to tell them when and where to meet for the door-knocking program, and already some lobbyists representing key industries are participating.
The push comes at a time when Assembly Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester) has stepped up efforts to get lobbyists to personally give to candidates. In the past, legislative leaders had asked lobbyists to help raise money for candidates but had not coordinated a detailed program to get them to dip into their own wallets for the effort.
That changed two years ago, with Vos' push to have lobbyists give to the Majority GOP Conduit. That fund — which collects donations and then distributes them to candidates — helps candidates for both the Assembly and Senate.
The conduit is holding a Sept. 2 fundraiser with Gov. Scott Walker at the Madison Club. Republicans control the Assembly 60-39 and the Senate 17-15 with one vacancy.

Since the republican elected's  do whatever the lobbyists tell them to during the year, it is only fair that the lobbyists do whatever the elected's tell them to do once every two years!  

One last thing, if you see any of these people on your doorstep call the police they are extremely dangerous to the well being of middle class WI! 

In one recent email, Steineke thanked several people for the help they had already provided.

Among those he thanked were four lobbyists: Jason Johns, a former deputy veterans affairs secretary who frustrated Republicans last year as he lobbied for veterans against a bill curtailing asbestos lawsuits; Scott Meyer, who represents United Sportsmen of Wisconsin, a politically active group that lost a $500,000 grant last year after questions arose about its tax-exempt status; Tom Fonfara, who represents a number of clients, including the conservative activist group Americans for Prosperity and Gogebic Taconite, which hopes to site an iron mine in northern Wisconsin; and Steve Conway, who represents chiropractors, podiatrists and Aquila Resources, which wants to develop gold mines in Marathon and Taylor counties.

  Jason Johns

   Scott Meyer
    Tom Fonfara

The $64,000 question is, how many doors has Scott Tyre knocked on for the republican party?


  1. Keep your eye on Jim Steineke. He has no scruples. Because he is easily and cheaply bought, he will likely rise in power like Scott Walker, Scott Jensen, Robin Vos and Bill Kramer. He also is high on the list of most likely to be indicted. That is because Steineke is as stupid as he is corrupt.

  2. With our gun laws theses lobbyists can be shot if they come on our property....right? They are indeed a threat to the well- being of most of us in the state!

  3. This is the definition of "pay-to-play" and a protection racket.

    I wasn't kidding when I called WisGOP an organized crime syndicate. Sounds like we need a few open records requests from Robbin' Vos and Steineke

    1. Vos will respond that he has NO records. He's so corrupt that I heard he and his WisGOP are now storing all communications and documentation on DropBox and the like. Any request should demand that Vos (or his ilk) regurgitate, cough-up or vomit out all the documents hidden away in these locales. THEN, someone should find at least one document that Vos FAILS to provide...THEN issue a subpoena demanding ALL hidden documents. Vos is notorious, given that he failed to provide redistricting documentation after three Republican-appointed judges demanded that he do so. Alas, "unnamed" GOP staffers "accidentally" deleted all said documents...and even destroyed a hard drive. There should be a reward given to some junior staffer who provides a whistleblower document to any reputable media source.

  4. Thanks Jeff.

    In 2014, knocking on the door of a stranger is dangerous.

    D's/Labor need something like a network of ward (co-ordinators?) workers led by precinct captain. That's the model for City of Milwaukee Alderman and Milwaukee County Supervisors. I don't mean to diminish the difficulty. Among all the challenges, you could get some guy who wants to be "in charge" of his ward, so he can fabricate an excuse to hit on women.