Saturday, August 23, 2014

Just Sayin --- The Sequel!

By Jeff Simpson

H/T Bob Cesca -  

Recently we brought you Just Sayin!, now we bring you Just Sayin! - The Sequel!

EVENT, October 22, 1983 — The administration began planning its military incursion into Grenada.
REAGAN OPTICS, October 22, 1983 — Reagan remained on vacation at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia. Repeat: golf resort. Here are three strikingly presidential photos from Augusta — the golf resort! First, Reagan in his jammies being briefed on the Grenada plans, then, later hitting the links. Where were the Republicans of 2014 to scold him?   
President Reagan was still on vacation at the GOLF! resort the next day when the Marine barracks in Beirut were bombed, killing 241 Marines.


  1. "Our rules don't apply to us." 21st Century GOP motto

  2. "Where were the Republicans of 2014 to scold him?"

    Ignoring a Presidential Daily Briefing, then reading to a class of grade school children in Florida?

  3. Reagan was by no means a perfect president but I was a bit surprised by the implication of the image and words (that he was somehow insensitive to what had happened). Sure enough, based on a NY Times article that appeared the following day, it looks like he may have been golfing in Georgia the day of the attack but he hurriedly returned to DC the very same day; in fact, he spoke to the press outside the White House in the pouring rain that day - 10/23/1983; the message in the image you presented appears to be incorrect.