Tuesday, August 5, 2014

David Clarke's Funniest Flier Yet!

David Clarke, the current Milwaukee County Sheriff, has been proving himself to be quite the fool and the spendthrift by sending out multiple campaign fliers to people like myself and James Rowen, who simply demolished Clarke's first mailer.

I have received three such fliers from Clarke so far.  Most of them have the same talking points.  He touts his education, even though he doesn't know that heroin is a depressant and not a hallucinogen. And of course, Clarke boasts of his law enforcement expertise, such as helping drunk drivers get out of snow banks.

It is Clarke's third and most recent mailer that had me laughing out loud.  Take a look for yourself:

The first thing one would notice is the picture of Clarke, playing cowboy.  That is one of the biggest examples of the way Clarke loves to squander taxpayer dollars.  Instead of using that money for fighting crime or something, he uses it to rent a horse and pose for photo ops.

Also, if one looks at the postage mark, one would notice that the mailer originated from West Bend.  Why would a Milwaukee County official seeking reelection for a Milwaukee County office send their mailers from Washington County?

But the thing that made me do a spit take was the middle paragraph in the center.  It reads:
As you know, in Milwaukee County there is a political class that does not tolerate a different viewpoint like mine.  However, I have made the Sheriff's Office nonpartisan, and I have provided high-quality law enforcement for all.  This disturbs the courthouse "insiders." If they succeed in their all-out efforts to end the Sheriff's Office mission of protection, and return it to politics, you, the people, will lose your voice in public safety.
Really?! He made the Sheriff's Office nonpartisan?  Really?

Do I really need to mention how Clarke pulled Milwaukee County deputies to escort and guard then presidential candidate Mitt Romney, a Republican, for an event in Waukesha County?  Or how Clarke refused to provide even basic protection for President Barack Obama, a Democrat?  How is that not political?  I should also point out that Clarke has a pattern of speaking at the Koch Brothers-funded TEA Party events.

Needless to say, Clarke made the office as partisan as he possibly could.

Now, if the gentle reader would like to see what a nonpartisan sheriff would look like, we can see a glimpse of the future with Chris Moews, who is the only person who could pull of being pictured with the very progressive Marina Dimitrijevic and her bipolar opposite, the plutocratic Chris Abele:

Let us be rid of that doofus Clarke once and for all.  Vote for Chris Moews on August 12th!


  1. Cowboy Clarke asks us now if he can count on our vote?!?

    Since Sheriff Spends-a-Lot has already told us that we must arm ourselves for defense because we cannot count on public safety agencies, then my answer to Clarke is: NO.

  2. Remember that Clarke was nominated Sheriff of the Year by the Constitutional Sheriff's Association.

    On it's website the CSA supports the anarchy and lawlessness at the Bundy Ranch.

    Some law and order sheriff.