Saturday, August 9, 2014

Boss Abele Pulls Some (Purse)Strings For Torhorst

Apparently realizing that Dan Abele Adams is a lost cause, Boss Abele has decided to focus on trying to salvage the race for his other hand-picked candidate, Tia Torhorst.

Like Adams, Torhorst has been caught repeatedly misrepresenting herself to the voters and needed a boost.
So Boss Abele pulled some purse strings for his aide and got former US Senator Herb Kohl to give a generic endorsement for Torhorst.

At first, I was surprised at the endorsement.  Kohl is not one to often give endorsements and when he does, it's usually just for a big race, such as a statewide race or a federal race.

But it started to make sense when I realized that Abele and Kohl have a tight relationship because of the Milwaukee Bucks and the plutocratic dream of a new arena for the lackluster team.  Cementing the relationship even further is the fact that John Zapfel, who currently Abele's Deputy Chief of Staff, was a former legislative aide to Kohl.

There's a few strings for Abele to pull to get Kohl to say something nice about Torhorst.

The laugh line about this though is the reaction that Abele got when he gushed over the news on Facebook:

Notice the box with the names of the people that liked it.  Those are all either Abele's people, most of them his employees.  It's like Boss Abele is demanding the same kind of loyalty that Scott Walker requires from his people.

Fortunately, the good people of Assembly District 10 have a candidate that will represent them and not Abele.  Please make sure to get out the vote on Tuesday in support of David Bowen.


  1. Your posts just keep finding new levels of crazy. Anyone who thinks that Herb Kohl's endorsement is for sale very clearly doesn't know the first thing about him. He has more integrity than just about any elected official I can think of. The idea that he needs the money is equally laughable. You get that he just sold an NBA franchise for half a billion dollars, right?

    Maybe if you put less energy into trying to turn everyone who dares have even a slightly different opinion than your own into some incoherent comic book villain and more energy into, say, exercise, you'd have a bit more contentment in your life, more friends, and even lose some weight.

    1. He needs the land and the permissions for the new arena, which the county will undoubtedly have a say.

      And I would not say that Torhorst has a "slightly different opinion." She has Abele's opinion, which is not good for that district, the county or the state.

      And maybe, if you worked on social skills, people might give a damn what you have to say.

  2. Herb Kohl's endorsement of Torhorst is terse and generic, considering the situation he was put in.
    Tia Torhorst's husband Brian Spahn (from Linked In) worked in Kohl's Senate office as Outreach Director from 2000-03. Later, he would serve as Coordinated Campaign Director for the DPW in the distastrous 2010 elections.
    Tia's connections have always been a career plus. She is the daughter of longtime Racine County Circuit Court judge Allan "Pat" Torhorst, who previously was the City Attorney in Burlington. She (from Linked In) describes her work for Abele: "Collaborated with and communicated the County Executive’s message to the Board of Supervisors, including public testimony on a variety of subjects in response to concerns, questions and opinions while promoting the County Executive’s vision."
    So, she was right in the middle of Abele's plutocratic dream with the GMC. Certainly not very "progressive" or democratic.
    We all should urge Democratic Party voters to select David Bowen to represent the people of Assembly District 10.