Thursday, August 7, 2014

Send In The Clowns

We all know there is a sucker born every minute, and our current Governor has been nothing but a circus sideshow. 

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  1. It is our circus, and he is our clown.

  2. I'm a narcissistic sociopath, I don't need to hold on.

  3. Hey, gov: Try a hands-on approach, instead of flying around the country.

  4. I'm flying
    Look at me way up high,
    Suddenly here am I
    I'm flying.

    I'm flying
    I can soar
    I can weave and what's more
    I'm not even trying

    High up, and as light as I can be.
    I must be a sight lovely to see.

    I'm flying.
    Nothing will stop me now:
    Higher still look at how
    I can zoom around,
    'Way up off the ground
    I'm flying.

    I fly and I'm all over the place
    You try and you fall flat on your face

    I'm flying.
    Over bed, over chair
    Duck your head, clear the air
    Oh, what lovely fun
    Watch me everyone
    Take a look at me
    A see how easily it's done
    I'm flying!

  5. Watch me levitate the job creation numbers.

  6. Look Mommy.....I Mean Tonette No Hands

  7. Who needs a safety net?

  8. I think this is more apropos to this site.

    And there's always a place for the angry young man
    With his fist in the air and his head in the sand
    And he's never been able to learn from mistakes
    So he can't understand why his heart always breaks
    And his honor is pure and his courage is well
    And he's fair and he's true and he's boring as hell
    And he'll go to the grave as an angry old man