Sunday, August 17, 2014


By Jeff Simpson

Scott Walker came out with a new propaganda piece, where he apparently was able to find 6 people who are doing better in WI under his watch.  Kudos to the Walker team for being able to find that needle in the haystack.

When the press asked Scott Walker to provide information who the people were in the ad to confirm that Scott Walker was telling the truth, he refused.   Now, out of the blue, he apparently has and they have all checked out.  

Gov. Scott Walker's campaign declined to identify the six individuals who declare in his new TV ad that they had recently landed new jobs. This reluctance prompted Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate to call it a "phony" TV commercial and to ask, "Is there any reason to believe any of these stories are true?"
But the Journal Sentinel was able to track down the four men and two women.
The result: These are not actors, even if the video was shot at Walker's advertising agency, Nonbox Inc. in Hales Corners. All six have landed jobs in the Milwaukee area during Walker's tenure, according to the individuals, their employers or public records.
 We already know though, that one of the people does not check out at all

Governor Scott Walker's most recent ad has an unidentified worker saying "thanks Scott" because he got a job at Mahuta Tools.
Upon further review, however, he should be saying thanks to former Governor Jim Doyle.  Here's why:  A 2010 Milwaukee Business Journal details how Mahuta Tools had expanded their operation back in 2008-- under Doyle-- and had to mothball it during the Great Dubya Recession:
 One of six does not check out as able to thank Scott Walker, what about the other five? Well we have to take Dan Bice's word because he is not releasing the names. 

Mary Burke goes to Netroots nation and we know who she hung out with - by name

Mary Burke has a staffer quit and we know his name.

Mary Burke attends a fundraiser and we know who puts it on and who is there by name!  

Mary Burke has a video conference and we know who was on the call - by name!  

Mine Protestors are called out by name in the paper

If you signed the recall petition, no matter what your position is in life, Dan Bice will let everyone know

Heck, Dan Bice even linked to my personal facebook page, in a discussion regarding Trek's outsourcing,

The one thing that must remain TOP SECRET in Wisconsin are the names of Scott Walker supporters who willingly act in a television commercial supporting Scott Walker's re-election.

The continual acquiescence of our state's media to Scott Walkers whims is painful to watch!  


  1. Thank you for calling out Bice. He never fails to use GOP framing when responding to an issue, and seems to always go digging for lame issues like this to make Walker seem like he has an ounce of integrity.

    Notice that Bice hasn't done ONE STORY on the corruption of WEDC and the recipients of its tax breaks. It's almost like he's been told not to.

    Time to clean house at 4th and State, or bring the house down

  2. It was a setup to get Bice to take the bait.

  3. Bice fully understands the employment situation in WI under Walker and will obviously refrain from writing anything that might threaten his employment status. Therefore the unvarnished truth nor full disclosure on a story such as this is NOT an option, as it seems apparent that his self-preservation over personal integrity appears to be the motivation in his "reporting" for the MJS.

    Disclaimer: I signed the recall and verified near 20 pages of signatures that I collected. Maybe someone could do a story on the mandatory 10% of the recall petition signatures that were rejected by the exclusively partisan group of non-signers hired to officially, "verify," the recall. Where is the list of those 60 or so people Mr Bice?

  4. "Kapco looks to hire 100 in Grafton by doubling size of manufacturing plant." — Milwaukee Business Journal, 8-18-14.

    1. From someone who is in complete denial about white enforced racist apartheid in Milwaukee, (i.e. the most verbal drivel with the absolute least substance. on Joy Cardin last Friday, laughable was your "analysis," if not so very pathetic in your psychopathic blaming of the victims) it is no wonder that you cannot even figure out the topic of this blog post. I dare you to actually define the topic of this post if you reply.

    2. Blaska you are in the wrong faery tale. Seriously whta does that have to do with anything?

    3. Having a few minutes during lunch, Kapco's expansion is pending an $8.5M tax exempt industrial development revenue bond that needs to approval by the Grafton Common Council tonight. I believe WEDC might get involved after that so maybe Blaska was warning readers here to beware of the deal whose particulars will become secret and likely not reported anywhere under Walker's new edict of WEDC total secrecy.

      No chance of tax exempt IRB being diverted to other uses, thank goodness.

    4. Isn't KapCo and Kacmarcik tied closely to Walker and WMC?

  5. Editors decide the content of newspapers, reporters do what they are told or they can find a new job.

    1. Thanks for reinforcing my point on seemingly valid speculation about the personal integrity of a particular reporter and additionally voicing the likely coercion of higher ups to force publication of a particular political bias..

  6. Dan Bice is a Scott Walker TOOL. Bice is a 100% supporter of all Walker's policies. Bet if you drive by Bice's house, you will see a "Stand With Walker" sign in his front yard.