Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Election Thoughts

By Jeff Simpson

Election results here!

1.  Brett Hulsey had a solid showing receiving almost 52000 votes.  Brett Hulsey did not deserve to win, ran a solid campaign, brought up issues that needed to be brought up and did not deserve to be treated as poorly by the party as he was.  

If Mary Burke wins tonight, I support her to beat Scott Walker in November.
2.  Mary Jo Walters was the story of the night.   116,006 votes as a relative unknown, who was completely shunned by the party she tried to represent, with no money against the political insider, long time WI Senator who refused to acknowledge her existence.   Congrats Mary Jo and thank you for what you have done.  

3.  I have not decided if the 116,006 people who voted for her were saying F U to the Democratic executive committee that endorsed her opponent and shunned her or the Democratic Executive committee and Chairman Tate who treated her like a second class citizen and shut her out of the Democratic convention were saying FU to the 116,006 Wisconsin voters who supported Mary Jo Walters.  Either way it is up to them to heal and bridge the divide NOT the other way around.

4.  When the race is so close, maybe the people did deserve a debate.

5  This cracked me up.   Apparently he forgot to put in the asterisk.  * Only applies to people I approve of running.  


6.  The overwhelming win by Rob Zerban surprised me, the overwhelming win by Paul Ryan did not.   I always thought Jeremy Ryan's best chance to win would be to get on the ballot then disappear.  Not a second of campaigning and hope people checked the wrong box.  

7.  Every vote matters, ask Janis Ringhand and Ernie Wittwer.

8.  The Democratic establishment lost, ask Pat Bohmack, Jon Richards and Tom Rayome.  

9.  Mike Sheridan's political career is over while Robin Vos was given a promotion and I can not figure out the difference between the two.  

10.   The extreme's on the R side of the 6th Congressional district were not distinguishable.  

11.  Triple dipping Van Wanggaard won, despite the fact he advertised that he had the old Knotsies as supporters.   I would hope that the fact that he is running on a I got mine and now want to pull the ladder up" campaign will be noticeable to the voters in his district!  

12.  How in the world can Sheriff Clarke win?  Seriously?   If it was all cross over votes and you did not see that coming, whose fault is that?

13.  Susan Happ will make a great Attorney General.  

14.  The low turnout still fails to amaze me and the fact that it is not addressed by the Democratic party also amazes me.  Why go after the imaginary Walker/Obama voters and not after the 80% of the people who did not choose to vote in the primary?   Give people a reason to vote and they will!    

15.  Congrats to Dana Duncan, no support from the Dem party, shunned by Wisconsin Progress and won handily.  Now its time to retire Scott Krug.

16.  Scott Walker is beatable, no excuses from the team trying to do so allowed!  


  1. I don't think Susan Happ will be that great of an attorney general, although she'd be far better than Brad "I Protect Crooks Like Joel Kleefisch" Schimel. She'll do what's expected of any Dem who holds that office (such as supporting marriage equality, opposing voter ID, etc.) and nothing extraordinary (such as prosecuting Scott Walker, etc.).

    Also, all three of the Democratic AG candidates were "establishment" candidates. Happ had the backing of Tim Cullen and both of the 2006 AG Democratic primary candidates, Ozanne had backing from many Dane County-area Dems, Richards had the backing of most of the party establishment, and none of them attacked the party establishment in any way.

  2. Walker is beatable, but not with the kind of discussion we have on these pages. Union rights, education, even health care will be dismissed as "lib-tard" talk by the low information middle ground voter. Hammer Walker on (1) job creation promise. Dismal failure. (2) mismanagement. How many millions of taxpayer dollars lost by the WEDC? Walker created it, he chairs it, he owns its failure. (3) where's Walker? He's here, he's there, fundraisers left and right, how many days is he gone, "He's not working for you, Wisconsin, he's working just for Scott Walker.

    1. hope Mary Burke is reading this.

    2. Dont have to to worry about union rights , neither party cares to much for them.

      As for Education and health care i think your sadly mistaken. Many red districts are voting republican and passing school referendums. Huge disconnect there.

      I agree on WEDC unfortunately Mary Burke and her republican lobbyist advising teams disagrees with us and wont touch it.

      I also agree with the last one and would be using mike ellis using those exact words in a commercial

    3. It aint just pols that don't care -- the vast majority of Americans don't care either. 12% union rates? 6% public workers?

      Until labor movement becomes more inclusive and quits dividing us along private/public and then different classes of job -- we will see them become totally irrelevant in time.

      Real solidarity doesn't say that plumbers make middle class wages and office workers and fast food get a quarter above min wage.

  3. Is GOP Robin Vos' wife going to return from Oregon (yes, the State of Oregon) after an absence of what? almost three order to help him celebrate?
    Are taxpayers still paying for her spousal healthcare benefits, hmmmm?