Sunday, November 4, 2012

Walker Predicts Romney Will Win Fitzwalkerstan - He's Wrong As Usual

Scott Walker did an interview with "Fox and Friends," which was picked up by Politico. It is something to behold as it is one of Walker's best jobs of conflation and obfuscation one might have the bad luck of ever seeing.

First, there was this:
Wis. Gov. Scott Walker said on Friday that the Republican presidential ticket will benefit from the GOP groundwork laid out during his recall election.

Walker said on Fox News Channel’s “Fox and Friends” that the infrastructure is already in place to help Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) carry Wisconsin, a state that went overwhelmingly for President Barack Obama in 2008, but now looks to be in play.

“You take all the work that was done earlier this year, when we made four and half million voter contacts in a state of 5.7 million,” the Wisconsin governor said. “We had tens of thousands of volunteers help us in my election earlier this year. That excitement continues on
Excuse me, but WTF?!

First of all, there is no one better at getting boots on the ground than the unions, except for #wiunion.

How else can they explain that when Joanne Kloppenburg ran against David "Chokehold" Prosser, in two short months she went from given loser to within a few points of Prosser?

Or in the recall itself, which wasn't supposed to succeed at even getting enough signatures, got within spitting distance of a million?

Out of the 4.5 million contacts that Walker is claiming, about 3 million of them were robocalls. The unions were too damn busy pounding the pavement and making real person calls to worry about the numbers.

But Walker wasn't done with his lying:
He added that the debate highlighted Romney’s successes as “a job creator” and as governor of Massachusetts, where he “helped the economy grow” as he worked on both sides of the political aisle.

“I think that’s what people here in Wisconsin and across the country want in the next president,” Walker said, citing Romney’s record of, he said, both governing successes and of bipartisanship.
Walker probably thinks that Romney is a wonderful "job creator" because they are relatively the same. Romney, in his one term, drove his state from the mid 30's all the way down to 47th. That is similar to Walker taking Wisconsin from a state leading in the recovery to dead last in economic activity and job growth for months in a row.

Not exactly what I would call a glowing recommendation there.

And the last bit of bovine manure comes with this:
Ryan, a son of Wisconsin, also energized voters when he joined the presidential ticket, Walker said.

“[The excitement] certainly got accelerated when Paul Ryan was added to the ticket,” Walker said. “Not just because he’s from Wisconsin, but because in his district, which is evenly matched between Republicans and Democrats, there’s always been a high level of respect, even in the blue collar, working class union towns like Janesville and Kenosha, because of the hard work Paul Ryan has done and will do.”
Oh yeah, sure, Ryan did cause an uptick in Romney's numbers...for about three days.
Since then, almost every single poll has Obama in the lead from anywhere from three to eleven points. That includes the most recent poll that came out late on Saturday showing Obama taking Wisconsin.

Nate Silver, the guru of election prediction, gives Obama an 83% chance of winning Wisconsin. I like those odds.

Another sure sign that Obama will be taking Wisconsin is the fact that the right wing echo chamber has been in a mad scramble to explain away the polls or find some obscure right wing pundit willing to go on a suicide mission and call Romney the winner.

As if you needed any more inspiration to get yourself to the polls on Tuesday, as well as your family, friends and neighbors, I leave you with one word and a picture.

The word is Walkergate and the picture is this:


  1. As a canvasser working for the Obama campaign, my physical on-the-ground observation of Romney's chances of getting a voting majority doesn't agree with Scott Walker's view.
    Most of the places I go, if the people are home, intend to vote for Obama (the majority of those early voting).
    The local Republicans can't get volunteers to canvass, so they're hiring temp agency workers (pay $12.00/hr.). Talked with one of those, and she said she didn't support Romney, but needed the part-time job money.
    If your campaign can't get volunteers, clearly something is wrong with your campaign.
    Have been long lines for early voting, many being of a racial minority status. Many wonder if New Jersey will get the same treatment that Louisianans did with the Hurricane Katrina disaster.
    The last person I spoke with, when telling why he's not voting for Romney, described Romney as a, quote, "douchebag."

  2. Romney will win.

    There are too many government-illiterate people out there.

    One Republican-therefore-Romney supporter was totally convinced that Romney was STILL the Governor.

  3. 800 vetoes during Rmoneys 4 years. But But But he worked with both sides ! And why is'nt Rmoney STILL Governor ??? HUMMM !

  4. Right now, it's obvious that Romney can't win this race straight-up in Wisconsin barring "dead girl/ live boy" territory for Obama, which won't happen.

    But there's definite concern that Kathy Nickolaus and company could have a little gift for her old buddy Tommy to try to put him over the top. We need to be vigilant and send the message that we will strike, and strike hard, if they try ANYTHING that rigs this election.

    Means we also have to GOTV in big measures, to put these races out of the 1-2% of votes that the GOPs can steal, and that we need Dems downticket and in the Legislature to stop these thugs from trying to restrict the vote even more over the next 2 years (you can bet removing same-day registration is on these guys' ALEC lists)

    1. It will be tough to get that many fraudulent votes won't it?
      Funny, the Dead girl/live boy thing didn't hurt Ted Kennedy/Barney Frank to much.
      I hope your right on the same day voter registration thing too.

    2. No, with the rigged electronic voting machines that the Republicans are shipping in, they can flip 10-20% of the votes without even worrying about a paper trail. Nice, huh?

    3. I'm assuming the DNC has hired some very tech savvy individuals to make sure this isn't true. If not, it would be as reckless as not having voter ID in place.

    4. Y'know, I'm still waiting for one valid argument why Voter ID would be needed. So far, nothing but the same fear and smear empty rhetoric.

      And you might have missed this, but the Republicans are in control and are trying to block honest poll watchers.

    5. As Al Gore would put it: "the argument is over" The law is in place, the courts can only delay it for so long.
      Like you, I still have faith in the system, until I see proof.

    6. No, we've well established that you stay in denial, even when you've seen proof.

  5. The fix must be in. The electronic voting devices must have been "patched." In the past 8-10% of the vote was flipped. Obama needs a real margin of >20% to win.

  6. A word from Ohio...if Walker is saying this now, the fix is in. Get the lawyers and the poll observers out in large number. Observe/witness the counting. Don't let them declare a winner until provincials ballots are counted! And keep investigating campaign and superpac money. Crime pays and to get people to do crimes you need money to pay them. Palli