Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pro-Romney Business Owner Hits Obama On Taxes, Forgets He Didn't Pay Any Taxes

Own Wisconsin Now has found another "Oopsie" moment from the pro-Romney camp:
A recent pro-Romney super-PAC television ad features Joseph Buechel of Wisconsin, who identifies himself as a small business owner, decrying the Obama Administration's tax policy. However, tax records obtained by One Wisconsin Now show Buechel's business, Natural Stone Veneers International, Inc., has paid nothing in state corporate income taxes in any of the last five years, and, based on his reported personal state income tax liability, it appears he, like 97% of small business owners, would not be affected by President Obama's proposal to allow the Bush tax cuts for those with incomes over $250,000 to expire.

One Wisconsin Now Executive Director Scot Ross commented, "Mr. Buechel has a lot to say about taxes and the Obama administration for someone whose business hasn't paid a dime in state corporate income taxes for the entire first term of the President and who would almost certainly would not pay more by President Obama's proposal to ask millionaires to pay their fair share of taxes."

Information obtained by One Wisconsin Now from the Department of Revenue shows the business Mr. Buechel owns, Natural Stone Veneers International, Inc., paid no state corporate income tax between 2007 and 2011.

One Wisconsin Now also reviewed Department of Revenue records of the personal state income tax paid by Mr. Buechel between 2007 and 2011. The tax liability he reported appears to be based on an annual income far below $250,000, meaning he would not be paying any tax increase that could occur if, as President Obama has proposed, the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans were allowed to expire.
Gee, why is it that Republican arguments never hold up when you shed a little light on them?


  1. Is this intentional?, or is this how liberals really think? First off, the hope to stifle his message by smearing him personally. Maybe its a tactic both sides use, but its getting old.

    Another thing that is getting old is this whole corporate income tax thing. Any good accountant will tell you that you do not leave profit in a corporation to be taxed. You essentially would be double taxed on that money. You would pay 7% in corporate tax and then be taxed again on it when you pay yourself. Unless you are a publicly traded company your not a very good business man if you pay what is essentially a voluntary corporate tax.
    That being said, and assuming the article is correct, in that he made less than 250,000 (which by the way is a joke because we all know the real bulls eye for taxation is much lower), I will assume he is fearful that his business will suffer because his clients (larger businesses) will suffer.
    Obamacare will put the hurt on mid size business. It may be illegal to threaten employees with that knowledge, but so far, its not illegal to talk about it. If you'd pull your head out of the sand you, would hear a lot of talk.

  2. Tell us now how the roadbuilders took the obama stimulus funds and handed them directly to walker. Think it did not happen. I have some swamp land to sell you. 25 years building road for this state, You would NOT BELIEVE what i have seen. Spin Spin Spin,,, Just like the good little puggies do ! Talk about getting your head out of the sand !

  3. The more a GOP throws his chest out and says how little help he needed, the more likely it is that he got a helluva lot of government help, like this toolbox in Fondy.

    It's not surprising, because Republicans are hubris-filled, ungrateful fools who generally wouldn't be good enough to make it in a Randian-type world. IMBR is a great example of this tpe of dimwit.

  4. IMBR, forget for a moment you have no data to back up your debunked "Obamacare will put the hurt on mid size business" trope. What you're really saying is that it's perfectly OK for a small business owner to not give a whit over the health and well being of their employees. And that's really, really sad.

    1. You're wrong here.

      Actually, IMBR is one of these owner type people.

      IMBR is just one of many, many, many, owner type people who hide their money in all different manners.

      The common people, the workers of this country, have very rare chances to jump from the lower classes into the middle class.

      IMBR pays people under the table, takes payment under the table, and then reports his earnings in such a way that he pays nothing in taxes anyway.

      So, if a guy like IMBR pays no taxes, what's the problem?

      New insurance guidelines in the affordable healthcare act are going to make it very difficult for IMBR to hide money.

      And the language of "mid-sized" business is a little bit of a tongue in cheek statement. There's a lot of middle, and I'll bet the elitist IMBR isn't even that far up in the middle where any tax or employee liability would be that significant (especially compared to what the lower class has to take on, yet another reason why lower class will almost never become middle class.)

      Where, as a business owner and elite member of society, I would hope IMBR would subject himself to a more moral compass. Not unlike a medical professional and that certain oath they supposedly take. A business owner should have that same standard towards their workers.

      IMBR is possibly a good owner, and possibly treats his workers okay. But how much of the "work" does IMBR actually do? Does he simply tell people where to go and what to do, and then sit back in the office, or play a round of golf during the work day?

      The good owners of the country are the ones who work at keeping people a part of their company. I suppose like a family.

      As an owner, if your business can't afford to treat workers good, then you should not be in the business of having workers.

    2. These shady types of business owners you describe dealing in cash don't last long.
      Your right in that small business has to treat its workforce with respect or they will lose them. I am down to three employees in this economy, When downsizing I did keep the highest paid employees as they are the face of the company, and have been for a decade.
      The beauty of the free market is that it weeds out the bad owners and sets a value to a good employee.
      Oh, and I worked yesterday. Had to record the game as I am forced to for most noon games. Even if I didnt have to work on the jobsite, I don't have gardeners, cleaning staff, estimators, bookkeepers that mid size business owners do, so, I do it all. And I don't golf. But you will find me on lake Winnebago, fishing, about a ten times a year.
      So am I elitist? I don't think so.
      As far as moving up, I'll give you the advice my father (retired teamsters member) gave me. Pick something you love to do, and try to be the best at it. Make good decisions, and the rest will follow.
      My clientele are the ones who share their stories with me and help to shape my pinions. Along with input from this and many other news and information sources I follow regularly.
      I hope that helps clear up some of the guessing.

  5. Mr. Buechel is also an employer of state prison work release inmates. Meaning more tax breaks for his business and no employee benefits to pay. Gee thanks job creator, I don't know how we could make it without you sucking off the system. What do you expect though, he learned this trick from senator Ron Johnson.