Thursday, July 10, 2014

A Tale of Two Videos

By Jeff Simpson

Capper brilliantly brought this to our attention this morning, but I wanted to showcase this.    Two videos released yesterday speak volumes of the two candidates!

Exhibit A:

Democratic hopeful for Governor Mary Burke released a video introducing herself and telling us the problems she sees and will address.

Exhibit B:

Scott Walker releases a video telling us that Mary Burke is bad bad bad. 

Nuff Said! 


  1. He's a vindictive dirty little man and the Journal Sentinel's Politifact calls his ad mostly true. Politifact does this while spending nearly the entire article outlining the circumstances in which Abbott had already bought 500 acres touting their plans for expansion and growth. Both Kenosha County and Pleasant Prairie expressed concerns that an adjacent parcel was set to become a truck stop which would have destroyed the Abbott plans. Both the Tribune and the Journal Sentinel announced the Abbott plans for future development. Burke put a clause in the deal that if 2400 jobs weren't created in 10 years Abbott had to pay the money back. Any reasonable person including Walker and WEDC would have jumped in head first when Major corporation buys 500 acres in Wisconsin with the avowed purpose of growth and expansion. Did anyone expect the economy to go in the tank 2 years later and kill any corporate growth ideas. Walker has been in office since 2011 if it was such a boondoggle why hasn't he done something about it? When will Wisconsin wake up and realize this little man will climb over anybody to worm his way to the top including lying and corruption. The JournalSentinel Politifact is still shilling for Walker in calling this ad mostly true.

    1. Politi-crap has lost all authority to those who pay attention. But they're cashing the paycheck of those who pay them.

      All Walker has is negative, as worst in the Midwest for jobs and an exploding deficit can't be something he reminds people if. And despite blowing $900,000 a month in 2014, he is losing ground in the polls.

      You just hope the majority of voters aren't weaklings, and see through Walker's absurdity

    2. I hoped that during the recall election, but....

  2. Negative attack ads appeal to the Republican/Conservative/Tea Party personality profile. There are many examples of Walker's failures to be touted and Burke should have at least 1 campaign ad that addresses/spells out the difference between attack/negativity/destruction/decay and positive/building/job creation/prosperity. "When will WI wake up?" When the absolute truth is SPELLED OUT for those who remain in the trance of the "good 'ol days have their bubble broken! Yes Burke is positive and committed to a constructive program but will that work for those who thirst for RW kool aide hatred?


  4. Scott Walker is a reprehensible piece of shit. His track record shows character flaws and a lacks ethics. He is a classic demagogue who exploited the public employees for his personal political gain.