Saturday, July 12, 2014

Scott Walker Plays Good Despot, Bad Despot

It is not news that Scott Walker, due to his complete lack of anything even remotely resembling leadership skills, has a propensity to lavishly reward benefactors and loyalists while retaliating against those who oppose his regime.  What is news is that he is continues to do so very blatantly and egregiously.

As an example of the former, we recently saw how Walker violated civil service codes by rewarding long time loyal vassal, Cindy Archer, by appointing her to a position that she is not only unqualified for, but for one that she did not even apply for, much less end up as a finalist.

As it turns out, and as we should have expected, there is more.  There is always more.

It turns out that not only was Archer appointed to a position she had not applied for and given a pay rate that was 31% higher than her predecessor but that pay was above the top pay for that job.

Adding to the fun, the person who is claiming to have hired Archer for the job is Kelli Thompson, daughter of former governor TOMMY!!! Thompson.

In other words, we have a political appointee taking the fall for the hiring of another political appointee at a pay level way above where it should be and in violation of the civil service code.  I would not be surprised if Thompson finds herself on the receiving end of huge raise in the not too distant future.

What would surprise - and disappoint - me if no one files and ethics complaint and/or grievance about this stunt.

Then again, they might be afraid to.  As I noted above, as much as Walker is generous to his faithful servants, he is very maleficent to those who stand against him or fail to please him.

This was evidenced by the way he retaliated against several people across the state after having his way bought through the recall election.  And let us not forget how easily he finds it to through people under the campaign bus as he did to Taylor Palmisano, whose only crime was to let her name be put on the infamous Black Friday fundraiser email.

Attorney Frank Gimbel might be the latest victim of Walker's pettiness:
Gimbel has served on the board since 1994. He was first appointed by then Gov. Tommy G. Thompson and was reappointed by three successive governors every three years.

In 22012, his appointment to the board expired, but Walker did not act on it. In a letter Gimbel sent the governor's office in June 2013, he asked Walker to either reappoint him, or name someone else to replace him.

Walker did neither until recently, naming James C. Kaminski, who had been serving an expired term on the board. Kaminski had previously been a Barrett appointee. He now is a Walker appointee.
Given Walker's pattern of punishing those who disappoint him, being the petty despot that he is, it is not a great leap of imagination to believe that Walker was upset with Gimbel, who is the attorney that represented Kelly Rindfleisch in the Walkergate trial and is representing her in her appeal.

 Not only was Rindfleisch convicted for illegal politicking while working for Walker when he was Milwaukee County executive, but it was because of her appeal that a lot of damaging and damning documents were released, including the racist jokes that Walker's people often shared or the way they tried to cover up the problems with the O'Donnell Park tragedy and the devastation of the mental health system.


  1. Capper, great stuff. As always, thanks for connecting the dots. #insidebaseball

  2. I really enjoy your articles. This one really needs editing to be more professional, however. There are multiple typos and spelling issues in the article.

  3. Unbelievable...these salaries!!! Pissing and moaning about a teacher making $35000 but no problem appointing a lackey to a 6 figure job!?!?

    This is bullsh#t!!!

    What happened to his brown bag stunt about returning salaries to the county!?!?

    I am sooooooo sick of this crap. This man needs to be in jail for ruining peoples' lives and turning our state into a Russian mob state.

  4. The tweets were from three years before she was hired by Walker's campaign and conveniently discovered four days after my post and the day after the story went international. No one is that naive to believe that was the reason for her getting tossed under the campaign bus.

  5. This article should take care of the question of why people post anonymously on this blog.

    1. we post as anon because the stench of using your name hangs heavy once one clicks the "publish" button at cog diz.

      When we all post as anons, no one can tell where the stink comes from. Think of commenting here as being like farting in a crowded elevator.

      Even if you were loud and leaky -- no one wants to be thought of as the one that farted even when the entire elevator is full of farters farting.

      Sounds like fun, no? Explains the popularity this blog.

    2. Anon 8:56 am. What are you, 12?

      As for the legit Anon poster, it does explain a lot- both with people who don't want to have the Firzwalkerstanis go after them, and because Walker and WisGOP staffers pollute these boards while stealing our tax dollars (remember Walker OKing Brian Pierick to pose as "Wi Calvin" on the J-S sites?)

  6. yes, capper -- your dumpster-o-fun is what has brought justice, fairness, and the American Way to Fitzwalkerstan!

    Keep bloviating -- remember -- it's all about YOU!

  7. Anon 8:56 remarks stand as a warning for anyone contemplating a career as a public employee. This person will be voting for legislators that will determine if your pay will ever have a meaningful increase. And if you say something they don't like look out.

    Then tell you if you don't like it, to go find a different employer, and you should just forget that the pension fund takes all the growth in your account over 5%.

  8. I post anonymously because by administrator and his 1984 lackies will turn me on which results in a letter infile which results on no raise after six years because I am NOT aligned with the ADD employers' (everchanging) mission and moving target goals.