Saturday, July 12, 2014

Ohio Charter School Teachers Try To Unionize

I love seeing stories like this:
Several local charter school teachers say they lost their jobs because they were trying to unionize. They also allege that "I Can" charter schools have less than ideal classroom conditions.

This would be the first time a charter school has unionized in Northeast Ohio, and there will be a mail-in vote from July 21 to Aug. 4.

In the meantime, the American Federation of Teachers plans to file an unfair labor practices charge against "I Can" Schools accusing the charter of retaliation against nine teachers.

"I was the first one called in, told 'You did a great job but not asked back,' " says former teacher, Abi Haven.

These former teachers also say classroom sizes are too large, there are not enough books, no recess and there is major teacher turnover.

Former special education teachers also say that the needs of children with special needs are not being met adequately.
We in Wisconsin are not unfamiliar with all the problems associated with privatized schools but it is good to see some of these charter school teachers speaking truth to power.  And the unfair labor practices charge will only help to shine the light on the fact that privatizing education is not for the kids or the teachers.  It is simply to exploit them to line the pockets of the special interests with taxpayer dollars that could be used to...I don't know...maybe actually educate children.


  1. Completely agree. Hope teachers in Catholic (other religious schools) will follow their lead.

  2. This is what happens when you start a kiddie-mill. Admin squeezes everyone.

    Even the catholic schools do it. Cut, cut, cut but then ask parishioners to volunteer to teach. Might get lucky and find a qualified person but chances are they have bills to pay, too. Or kids to put in daycare.

    Do you want your kids educated by volunteers? Keep perpetuating this broken cycle of parochial/private schools. This is how ignorance wins.

  3. Bill Moyers did a few shows now on "For Profit" Schools. Everyone should watch.

  4. Wouldn't one think that when the vast majority of Wisconsin's students attend public schools that would be where the focus should be . Walker in his backward thinking attempts to kill the public schools in favor of an unproven non-accountable private system. In so doing he doesn't help educate our kids in either type of school. And it's not enough to defund public schools but he has to demean and denigrate those who work in public education. Walker is the true picture of today's corporate funded politician. He is not making decisions based on what is good for Wisconsin but rather his decisions are based on who is giving him the most campaign money and it's not the working or middle class.

    1. Of course it's all about the campaign money. Why do you think convicted criminal Scott Jensen was at Walker's "Pay to Pray" breakfast on Inauguration Day?

      This isn't about improving results. It's about grabbing MONEY AND POWER.

  5. It is with total disbelief to hear republicans talk about the redirecting of funds from public to private schools. Their statements show that they have never taken an entry level accounting class to learn of fixed and variable cost to operations, or they are the biggest liars on this planet.

  6. Yes, the old management strategy of firings to stop the formation of a union, and let the race to the bottom continue.

  7. All of this countries problems are exclusively Republican's fault.

    OK, I get it!