Friday, July 18, 2014

"I would be embarrassed"

By Jeff  Simpson

Capper told us all about the latest ridiculous attack ad that Scott Walker is currently running, using children as props, and desperately trying to scare WI into voting for him again.  

Here it is -

 In other words, career politician Scott Walker(whose name is never mentioned) and who self declared Wisconsin "open for business" has a problem with people who have made a career and  money working for the family company(unless you pay WMC dues).   By strictly attacking Mary Burke, Scott Walker is telling you to be very afraid and that he is the lesser of two evils.  

As for attacking Trek, probably not the best idea he has ever had. This ad has even drawn the ire of Trek President John Burke(Mary's brother):

"When people make blatantly false accusations about a company you've spent your lifetime building and you have 1,800 employees who are proud about what they do every day, that just isn't right," John Burke said.
Trek was founded in Waterloo in the 1970s by John and Mary Burke's father and is now the second-largest bike manufacturer worldwide. Mary Burke worked as an executive at Trek twice, leaving the company in 2004.
John Burke said all decisions about where to locate jobs were his and not his sister's. Mary Burke worked for Trek as the head of its European division from 1990 to 1993 and again from 1995 until 2004, with her most recent job being director of planning and strategic planning.
John Burke said Trek does not employ children at its overseas plants. He said Trek has manufacturing plants in China, Germany and Holland and they all strictly follow local labor laws.
"We produce product in a lot of places and there are different wages for different jobs," he said when asked whether workers at the China plant earned $2 an hour. "We always pay in accordance to labor guidelines and rules and what's the standard wage for the area. We're very concerned for workers' rights and the workers' environment."

But John Burke said if he were governor, he would take the ad down.
"It's embarrassing," he said. "I would be embarrassed."
Scott Walker's stance on being called out for an blatantly untrue attack ad? Exactly what you would expect it to be:

Walker's campaign stood by the ad running statewide and said it won't be taken down

Scott Walker, willing to lie and attack good Wisconsin companies to reach his goal.   Is that the kind of person we want representing us to the rest of the world?


  1. And, gentle reader, there's more; there's always more...


  2. Exposure of Walker/WEDC tax giveaways to Eaton and Plexus resulting in numerous job outsourcing is real poison to their 2014 campaign. They have to lie to deflect attention away from their own corrupt ineptitude.

    They have no defense for their failures, and their record is being exposed. WisGOP thinks all their base is a bunch of docile, sleepy children who are supposed to be scared into voting for a proven failure. What a stupid, embarrassing ad!

    There will be a lot more reporting on Walker/WEDC's failure at economy building leading up to November, as well as those unfortunate John Doe proceedings. The more reporting, the better for all of us!

    1. If only there WAS some real exposure of the facts regarding WEDC! Wisconsinites are not getting those facts and they are entitled to them since it is their tax $$ that are being funneled for corrupt purposes! We know who owns the MSM. One blatant example is the Milw. Urinal so aptly named for it's pissing of the truth down the toilet!

  3. Gov ernor Walker resorting to lies and distortions in negative ads paid for with out-of-state "contributions". November is coming Scooter and boy are we pissed.

  4. Pure speculation here, but the latest Marquette Law School Poll is due out on July 23. Perhaps the Walker campaign has learned of some not too favorable news about that poll?

    1. They're sure acting like they're losing- trying to smear Burke with dishonest ads instead of running on their record (as Jeff notes, Scotty's name isn't even mentioned in his own ad- very telling). And even with the Marquette poll's oversampling of the 262, I think the WisGOP folks know the news is bad (perhaps they've seen a "real Wisconsin electorate" poll).

      Imagine how much trouble they'd be in if we had a real media in Wisconsin, instead of having the state's largest newspaper cover things up like WEDC companies outsourcing and the fact that this state has lost jobs 4 of the last 6 months? Scotty's already being snippy with the softies in our paid-off media, can you imagine that guy having to answer to one that isn't invested in him winning?

      You can even tell from the trolls that they can't defend Walker and his crew, because they have to try some lame deflection of the issue. They sound a lot like Bush supporters circa 2006.