Sunday, July 20, 2014

Scott Who?

By Jeff Simpson

From Mary Spicuzza 

In both states Walker fared the worst against Clinton among those six Republicans. Clinton was favored against Walker 50-37 in Iowa and 48-39 in New Hampshire.

Of the six Republicans, Walker had the highest percentage of registered voters who said they had never heard of him, at 24 percent in New Hampshire and 27 percent in Iowa.

Nuff said!  



  1. And that's before the get to know him. It'll probably be closer to 15 points down after that! (rimshot)

  2. Jeb Bush will get the nomination. Scott Walker's legal issues and other dirty laundry make him the LAST RESORT republican candidate for president or vice-president. Even having him speak at the convention is unlikely. Charisma is lacking. He cannot react to questions and controversies he is untrained for. He is too arrogant to take criticism from his own advisors and attornies; he is unwilling to earn the trust of his party through a spoonfull of integrity and working with other parties; he has little evidence of working successfully with other parties; he cannot survive without his Wisconsin media insider supporters. You know the story: The emperor has no clothes. Even our corporate kings and queens do not want this one manning the ship. His knee-jerk decison making results in too much long-term property damage and relationship collateral damage. Thus, he will lose to Mary Burke as did Tommy to a lesbian and Mitt to an African-American from Chicago who ignores alleged terrorists rights to jury trial in favor of illegal assasination by drone or other U.S.A. military operations.

  3. jeb and george WALKER bush are scottie's cousin. The 1st-family of treason's patriarch is george hernert WALKER -- a fascist behind the attempted coup against FDR in the 1930s.

    Wall Street's Plot to Seize the White House:
    Facing the Corporate Roots of American Fascism

    scott walker's cousin chimpy stole 2 presidential elections and implemented the economic terrorism of endless wars and economic destruction to enable multinational corporate interests -- scott walker is destroying Wisconsin's economy for the same interests (and with the same backers).

    chimpy was also unable to react to questions and controversies he is untrained for -- chimpy was and still is a boob -- didn't stop them from stealing 2 elections to catapult him into the white house.

    I was telling people jeb would be next for years -- before walker dropped the bomb -- the media will falsely proclaim:

    1. it isn't fair to compare him to his brother
    2. jeb is the smart bush
    3. he is a moderate & compassionate conservative
    4. jeb is a "uniter"

    But don't kid yourself -- walker stole the 2012 recall and the folks that fixed 2000 & 2004 for george WALKER bush can steal that election for his brother or cousin unless we mobilize a massive turnout and a larger margin of victory than their fraud.

    This is the only reason mitt is not in the white house -- the fix was in here is Ohio, Wisconsin, and other key states -- enough to steal the election in electoral college.

    The only thing that kept it from being stolen was a last-minute federal court order that if Ohio has controversial and close outcomes -- there were be a complete recount. This was because voting machines were illegally updated by the vendor (owned by romney) after certification.

    The mainstream media did not tell anyone this -- no one could tell kkkarl rove because of fear communications were being monitored. This is why kkkarl melted-down on national tv that night.

    They CAN steal the white house for jeb or his cousin walker. We were not allowed to recall scott walker even though he actually lost the recall -- this can be mathematically proven and could be proven in criminal court if GAB would release ward-by-ward data -- they won't.

    Don't kid yourself -- until we have free, fair, open, transparent, and verifiable elections -- they can steal the white house.

    The fraud behind this continues to become bigger and bigger -- but great crimes demand even greater criminality. Divisive politicians like walker cannot actually win elections in most of America.

    This is why they steal 'em instead.