Saturday, July 5, 2014

Cynthia Archer - Part Deux

By Jeff Simpson

If there was ever any doubt that the missing link to all of the information to the John Doe/Scott Walker corruption scandal is inside Cynthia Archers dark mind, it was erased this week!  

Cindy Archer, the longtime aide to Gov. Scott Walker who landed a new state job and a hefty raise, wasn’t a finalist for the job. In fact, she never even applied.

Even so, Archer was named the State Public Defender Board’s new chief information officer in September. She makes $113,459 per year, 31 percent more than her predecessor.
Archer was one of Walker’s top aides when he served as Milwaukee County executive. She was part of an inner circle of county and gubernatorial campaign staff that regularly traded messages using private emails through a secret router set up in Walker’s office to evade Wisconsin’s open-records laws.
Seven candidates interviewed for the CIO job, but Archer wasn’t one of them. Nor was she one of the two finalists whose names were forwarded to State Public Defender Kelli Thompson and her deputy Michael Tobin, department spokesman Randy Kraft said.

Thompson and Tobin “were impressed with the qualifications of both (finalists),” Kraft said, but “the final decision recognized the importance of Cindy’s hands-on knowledge and experience with the agency’s aging technology.”

Who knows computers and IT better than a 55 year old career politician.   Apparently being one of the architects of ACT10 makes you an expert in all fields.   She also could have studied computers during her long sick leaves times on state pay.  

That, or she has some information on Scott Walker that no one on the right wants her to share so they must continue to take care of her and obviously she was none to happy with the $25,000/yr pay cut at her previous position.    So nice of Kelli Thompson and Michael Tobin, to put their career and reputation on the line to protect Scott Walker.     


  1. "“the final decision recognized the importance of Cindy’s hands-on knowledge and experience with the agency’s aging technology.”

    Does the State Public Defender Board use the same technology as the secret router?

  2. Based on these rewards for silence, Ms. Rindflesch must be in line for some top position in the Walker administration, Republican party or the Supreme Court.

  3. Now wait a minute, How do you get a job if you don't apply for it. Are you tell me that Archer was drafted?

  4. Cindy Archer, in getting this job, should have had to go through the same hiring process for civil service workers that every other applicant would. Did she?
    I wonder if Cindy's example is what Mike Heubsch has in mind when this past week they reported he wants to
    "streamline" Wisconsin's long-standing civil service rules?