Monday, July 21, 2014

No More Cuts - Stop Bleeding City Workers

The City of Milwaukee is looking to follow Milwaukee County and the State of Wisconsin in traipsing down the austerity trail despite the fact that this has proven to be more damaging and more costly than the savings they pretend it would save.

To see how draconian this would be, AFSCME District Council put together this video with real people explaining how damaging this would be to them and their families:

Or if you're more of a numbers type of person, here is the bloodletting in chart form from the city's website:

If you are available, please join us for a rally on Monday, July 21, at 5 pm at Red Arrow Park:

The Teapublicans and Republicrats will continue to take until we stop them and take back what is ours.  It is time and beyond to stand up for ourselves!


  1. you uuuuuuunion folk just don't get it. Milwaukee's north side has had an unemployment rate for men that is over 55 percent!

    And you think this is about the city workers that have jobs!

    Shame on you -- we have a divide and conquer governor because folks like you don't give a damn about the economic and social needs of the rest of the city and now want to proclaim "SOLIDARITY".

    Milwaukee has been teetering towards economic collapse for years -- but you didn't say boo about the crappy schools and shockingly high unemployment then.

    But now its a small group of overwhelmingly white workers that feel entitled to put other citizens down -- you falsely scream SOLIDARITY!

    1. A '"small group" is around 5,500 workers, many of them minorities, who help make up the city's middle class. The solution to poverty isn't to make more people poor, or to reduce services to the poor by cutting public-sector employment and programs, or to further undermine labor unions. When the private sector won't or can't deliver, it's up to the public sector. A hard day's work deserves a fair day's pay.

    2. @ Anonymous #1

      Unions are the reason we have a 40 hour work week, the weekend, child labor laws, unemployment insurance and a minimum wage such as it is.

      Because of unions you are no longer required to live in company housing and shop at the company store.

      Whether you support the union or not you benefit, your family benefits and your children benefit.

      Destroying unions does not make things better for you or any other unemployed worker. It does make it easier for the 1% to keep you firmly in your place at the very bottom of the outhouse pit where you may receive such gifts as they choose to give you

  2. @ Anoymous #1, I think you are a troll...minorities know they will receive EQUAL PAY next to their brothers and sisters in a union job! It's not about race unless you work in Scott Walkers office, his appointees think black, Mexican, jews, gays and the unemployed are all lazy dogs. You are on the wrong blog.